Stones in kidney

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kindly advice me on precautions and ayurvedic medicine for stones in there any food diet to be taken pls suggest for that also......26 yrs old male....

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Ayurvedic Medicine

Kidney stones are treated based on the size, location and the symptoms. If there are symptoms due to the blockage of urine that are not relieved by the medicines other treatments like laser or surgery may be advised. Stones that are less than 5mm are easily managed by medicines.

Ayurvedic medicines like Veerataradi Kasayam - 15ml with 60ml of warm water before food twice daily, Nil stone can be taken for a month and then reviewed.

Include plantain stem, berries, cucumber, horse gram, coriander, and fiber. Reduce excess sodium, cheese, parsley, sweet potatoes, rhubarb, spinach, soya, chocolates and nuts. Try to drink water boiled with barley, coriander and gokshuram. Stones are formed due to the crstallisation of the minerals. By drinking enough water it will prevent the further formation of the stones. Yogasanas like pavanamuktasana, matsyasana, dhanurasana, bhujangasana are beneficial.

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Sir mera name amarjeet hai . Sir mai 21sal hun.sir kai dino se pet ke left side me dard hai.mai sonography karvaya to 1.7mm ka stone hai.DR.SIR sujetion de rhe ki laser se plz sujest me sir.

posted by amarjeetkumarkarpi on 2 December 2014

For stone in the kidneys the best ayurvedic treatment is to consume is Nilstone capsules. 1 bottle has 18 capsules and 2 capsules needs to be consumed everyday in the morning empty stomach with lime water without adding salt to it.

posted by YogaGuru on 16 August 2012

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