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archana, 16 January 2010 8:20

I am a 35 year old female staying in delhi, i am suffering from pulpetation since last one year, most of the times it happens once a day, sometimes more that once in a day. I got my TMT, ECG test done in June 2008 where everything was normal. Again ECG report of October 2009 was normal. Doctor said you dont have heart problem. Please suggest me.

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

Palpitation is increased or decreased heart beat in which a patient can feel and hear his/her heart beats. This may be followed by sweating or dizziness. This is generally a vasovagal attack and if your all tests are normal then there is no need to worry. Palpitation can be due to panic attack, anemia, side effect of some drugs or medicines or can be due thyroid diseases. We recommend you to take god nutritional diet for better health. Increase water intake. Avoid panic attack situations. Get your blood tests done for anemia or thyroid sort of problems. Apart from these simple home remedies take complete package for hear problems for strengthening your heart, circulatory system and to avoid future problems to your heart. A regular course of these medicines is very useful to regularize heart beat and circulation. These are safe ayurvedic medicines and are good tonic for heart. Cholesterol, blockage and hypertension are cured and prevented by regular medication. We recommend you to avoid high salt and high fat diet and take regular medication for best results. Practice pranayams regularly to strengthen heart, lungs and whole body.

posted by Dr.Ravinder on 16 January 2010



posted by archana on 16 January 2010
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