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I have type 2 sugar since last 7 years taking mediciunes like diamicrone 30 three times before meal and Janumet 50+1000 twice after meal yet sugar level is 200+ fasting and 300+ PP. In last month TSH found a little higher and colestrol was also above the normal. I have acute pain in legs. I do not take sweets and regularly go for morning walk about 2-3kms as well comfort walk of half hour in night after meal. Plz suggest how to control Sugar. My age is 48 female

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Please let me know your HBA1c to guide you further. Your blood sugar levels are higher inspite of medications and exercise. I shall suggest you with the basic medicines that will help to control the blood sugar levels. Please do have regular checkups with your treating physician.

Ayurvedic medicines like Nisakadakadi kvath - 15ml with 60ml of warm water before food twice daily, Glucomap tablet and Jamun guthli churna for Diabetes - 1tsp before food twice daily can be taken for a month and then reviewed.

Include plantain stem, bitter gourd, fenu greek, bottle gourd, cumin, olive oil, flax seeds, turmeric, cinnamon, gokshuram and ginger. Reduce excess refined flour, meat, sugar, salt, pungent spicy foods, oil and canned foods. Regular exercise, yogasanas like navasana, marajaryasana, utkadasana, dhanurasana, pavanamuktasana, paravatasana, paschimottasana, mayurasana, supported sarvangasana and trikonasana will be beneficial.

posted by Dr.Ramani on 27 February 2018

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