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Aaram, 31 July 2018 11:48

Hello. I'm suffering from pain. At fist right testicle was paining. After examining( self) I found out that cord behind right testicle was in pain. During the same period I felt some uneasiness in butt( I ignored this). I used to feel pain in my right side butt while travelling. And this lead to testicle pain. I also feel pain in groin region ( if I used the right term). I also feel pain in near private part( feel little pain when I press that region. Right region.) I alps have lower back pain. What should I do. Earlier there was dull pain felt in testicle. But when I traveled pain little increased. But then back to dull pain. 8 months of right testicle pain( I'm wrong maybe)

Also from the past few days I'm experiencing pain in bottom of my leg after waking up. After 4-5 sec pain gone

Everything seems to be normal from outside. What should I do?

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Hey. I wake up with dull right testicle pain. I sometimes feel inflammation between thighs. Which ayurvedic medicine should I use. Is sitting for a long time causes testicle pain. Or chronic pain causes it? What to do. Which ayurvedic medicine should I use? Can I use gaumutra ark and triphala churna?

posted by markthegreat779 on 6 August 2018

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