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nishi2, 1 February 2017 15:19

Dear Swami ji Greetings,

I have seen many programs on television which attract me to send you this mail. I am 46 years old. I am married and have two children.I work in a travel agency and have to talk a lot the whole day. As from March 2016 I noticed that my voice changes on and off while talking.I didn't bother about it. In July I decided to consult a doctor.He told me that I have got polyps in the right side of my throat. He gave me medicine and told me that if this continue he will have to remove the polyps through surgery .I am really afraid of loosing my voice if I will do operation. I want it to cure naturally . I seek your help. I also suffer from stomach.

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

Polyps are commonly see in those who have to use the voice repeatedly. It causes the growth of polyps which produces hoarseness in the voice. Rest is the ideal choice of treatment, but if you cannot avoid talking completely you can try to reduce the high pitch tone and speak in a lower tone. Please do have regular checkups. You can take these medicines and review.

Ayurvedic medicines like Dasamoolakatutrayadi kvath - 15ML with 60ml of warm water before food twice daily, Talisapatradi churnam+Guggulu panchapala churna - 1tsp after food thrice daily with honey and Mulethi Choorna can be taken.

Include horse gram, bottle gourd, ginger, turmeric, garlic, mint, pepper and tulsi. Reduce excess cold refrigerated food, hard crunchy foods, oil, sugar and salt. Pranayamam like Ujaayi, Bhastrika, Bhrmari, Anuloma Viloma and Kapalabhati will be beneficial. Yogasanas and meditation will help you to reduce the stress and will improve your general well-being.

posted by Dr.Ramani on 3 February 2017

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