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simonetta, 11 December 2009 23:25

hello, §I am 50 and have been suffering from glaucoma since I was 20 and have been operated on 3 times. now the eye pressure sems to be under control but last year I had a thrombosys of the central eye nerve this has left me an edema which impairs my vision and there doesn't seem there is anything I ca do. Do you have any remidies? would the Drishti eye drops from Ramdev Baba help? Thanks you and bye

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

Thrombosis in deep eye vessels can cause serious vision problems. Glaucoma is dangerous and you have already undergone three surgeries for it. So give extra efforts to care for your eyes now. The clot or thrombus formed inside vessels can not be cured by eye drops. Drainage system is impaired in glaucoma and so is your problem now.Drishti eye drops are very good for impaired vision but your problem is quiet different and deep inside the blood vessels. We recommend you to practice pranayams daily to dissolve and dislocate the thrombus. Panchkarma treatment for eyes known a sakshitarpana can be useful for your problem. Your positive attitude will help in fast healing of your problem. Further queries are welcome.


posted by Dr.Ravinder on 12 December 2009

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thank you so much for your immediate reply. I do not suffer from diabetes and presebtly the throbus has been reabsorbed my problem remains the liquid that has formed on the macula which impairs my vision. Some days I see better because I have less liquid other it is much worse. I have to find a way of draining or absorbing this liquid in order to see better. Is there any remedy for this? Thanks for your help, I am told it is quite a hopless case but I need to continue hoping. Thansk again and bye simonetta

posted by Guest on 12 December 2009

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