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Gtar, 7 June 2013 2:43

Hi, im 35 years old male. I have tinnitus in almost 1 year now. (Sorry for my bad english) It started suddenly one day when i was at home and relax. Day before i worked under stress. I did a audologitest. I dont have hearinh lost. I tryied everything, akupunktur, ginko, vitamins.. And so on. Nothing helped. Im trying with ayurveda now. They sad that its stress and also sinus who is making the tinnitus sound. Im going 2-3 times /week (have been ayurveda patient for almost 1 month ) . He treat me with zone-terapi somedays, and somedays he do nasya and sometimes shirodara. I also use Thalisadee choorna Ashvangdha rasayana. I also do a diet. Im kapha and vata. I cant stand out anymore whit my tinnitus. Somedays its more than other days. Why?? The freqvens of the sound is changing for everyday. Somedays its reduce to 20% but its always there. Can you recommend me something? What should i do? I want ayurveda but in my city we have only one ayurveda vlinic and he dont have much tinnitus exprience. Can you recommend something?

Thanks for help Best regards M..

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

Dear friend, Wishes from my yoga. Sorry for the delay in our reply. Tinnitus is a condition in which the person experiences noise inside the ear even when he is not exposed to any sound sources. According to ayurveda these kind of problems usually arise due to aggrevated vata dosha. Our activities such as reduced sleep, constipation ,habits of smoking , using of other narcotic objects, stressful life situations all will aggrevate vata dosha. Certain infections of the ear , some foreign bodies inside the ear, sinusitis infection or impaction of ear wax may also cause tinnitus. Care should be taken in correcting these problems. I suggest to take Kalyana gulam lehyam . Dosage one spoon at night time. Drink half a glass of warm water over that.continue for 15 days. Do contact us after that. Regards Dr George.

posted by Dr.George on 17 June 2013


Hello sir,

Actually I am suffering from hearing loss and ringing problems in my right side ear only from last 4 years.it's almost 90% got damaged.As doctors advise me not to use earphones and avoid to noisy place and also gave some medicines but it's not helpfull.day by day it's getting impacted.as per doctor it's happened because of nerves damaged in ear.please advise some medicine and special yoga for this problem.I am 28 years old.I will be always thankful to u.please please help to get this resolved.

posted by benimadhab.mehta on 26 June 2016

Dear Doctor

I am sumit, suffering from the tinnitus. A sound is always beeps in ear, It is from the Dewali, bcoz of noise pollution I had the medicines from ENT specialist.

But still not relax. Please guide me... and please try to call me 70######61.

posted by babbar.sumit1 on 13 February 2016

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