Ayurvedic Treatment of stress/depression

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Dear Sir I want your advice that, are any (herbal/Aurvedic) treatment to care of a women (36 Yr)who have mentally & physically stress/depression from last 5 years? She live always sadly, don’t converse to anybodies in family, she looks all time tired, If possible to treat / care by herble / aurved then please advice me how can I care of this patient, because I had much treatment but there are no advantage in this disease

Please send the product along with price and instruction of dosage... Thanks Raju Nayak

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As your problem is stress, which can be due to over burden of her children or family. So, we recommend you to take Brahmi-Take 2-2 capsules two times a day before lunch and dinner.Divya Medha Vati-Take 2 tablets two times a day after lunch and dinner.Himalaya Mentat-take 2 tablets two times a day after breakfast and after dinner.

she must do some yogasans like meditation early morning and pranayaam.

you have to take these medicines for 2-3 months.

posted by dr.ajay on 28 January 2010

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