Typhoid Fever

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Mughe 2 saal se Har 4-5 Mahine me Typhoid ho jata hai,dr se ilaj karaya lekin wo thode din medicine dete hai aur kahte hai theek ho jaoge lekin mujhe Ander Se fever Lagta Hai Thermameter me nahi aata hai aur sar dard bhi bahut tez dard karta hai. Hawa me sar dard aur bad jata hai. Mughe har waqt apna sarir garm lagta hai. Please advice mughe kya treatment lena chahiye aur kya parhez karne chahiye. Khane me kya khana chahiye.Please help me.

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Ayurvedic Medicine

It is necessary to do regular checkups and please let me know your latest test reports to guide you further. Recurrence is commonly seen when the course of Allopathy medicine is not completed or due to the unhealthy eating habits. I shall advise you the basic medicines which will reduce the fever and also help to improve the immunity.

Ayurvedic medicines like Divya Jwarnashak Kwath and Mahasudarshan tablet for a month and then review.

Eat healthy easily digestable warm food. Include tulsi, warm vegetable soups, mung dal, pepper, cumin, ginger, garlic, coriander and turmeric. Reduce sugar, salt, oil, canned foods and deep fried fatty foods. Please do practice general hygiene as it is a contagious infectious disease. Make sure to drink well boiled and cooled water and wash your hands before eating and after using the toilet.

posted by Dr.Ramani on 30 June 2015


Sir I am diagnosed as typhoid 2month ago ...I was prescribed all most all antibiotics and along with typhoid m taking brucella medicine rifampicin and doxycycline as well...but now my tounge is coated white and I feel very high temperature inside but temperature is not normal when measured at thermometer what shall I do...I.am suffering from last 2 month..what shall I do..m so worried..

posted by cdbhattarai on 19 December 2016

sr mujhe 10din pehle typhoid huwa tha ilaz karwa liya leikin bar bar bukhar aa ja rha hai.is bimari mai kya khana hoga.yei bimari kab tak thik ho sakti hai.

posted by hmehra781 on 13 September 2015

hei, mujhe typhoid huwa tha jisska me ne elage karwalia tha dr ne 15 days ka coursebut mujhe abhi bhi doud rehta hai meri breathing bhohat shots hoti hain jab me chalta hun to or mere nails bhi kharab ho rahe hain kya mujhe thyroid hai? Lags or masels me bhi dard hota hai or hath pair khushk rehtay hain kabhi kabhi fine tramor bhi ho ne lagta hai hand me plzzzzz kuch bata den.

posted by Aqibhussain4545 on 25 August 2015

Sir meri 3 Sal ki bet I ko may me typhoid ho gay a th a antibiotic set him ho gay a par hat 15 days me use fevers Mata ha 102 101fn Kay kar sare test negative his my the hub kala ka use batae

posted by shikhamittal34 on 18 August 2015


As you are getting persistent typhoid fever from three months, it is important that you need to cross check the present status with complete blood test and other profiles so that you can get appropriate treatment. Usually typhoid fever can be managed in allopath medication and it is a course of medication which you need to follow. In Ayurveda there are medications which are helpful in treating symptomatic and in order to boost immunity system and as typhoid is related to bacterial infections from stomach level, there are medicines which are helpful in acting at that particular level.

Following medicines are recommended in your case such as Mahasudrashan Tablet, Jwarnashak Vati and Divya Tulsi Ghan Vati one-one tablet twice daily and you may start having Tulsi Giloy Churna to be consumed daily with warm water and the dosage would be 5 grams in total and dilute with warm water.

You can practice normal exercises and yoga and pranayama, however if you are too weak to carryout all such physical exercises, you can at least practice Anulomaviloma Pranayama, and other relaxation exercises.

Food wise, you need to follow preparation of rice gruel and the rice can be Nyavara, a special type of rice with which you can prepare rice gruel and consume it one time or two times daily and this boosts immunity system, make sure that you are using less oil in diet.

posted by Dr.Vijay on 26 June 2015

Hello sir muje pichle 3mhine se typhoid h firstly antibiotics li 15-20 din tk usse meri reports me koo change nhii aaaya secondly ayurved ke dr ko dikhaya unhone lagbhag 20days dwai di tb b fever tha toh unka kehna tha ki ye weakness ki wgeh se h bt fir again muje fever rehne lgaa h isr me drd b

Ab ye weakness h ya typhoid dhire2 halke2 fever se hii jata h

posted by sonamkasoutia on 22 June 2015

Hello sir .Mary daughter 7 year ki h.usy typhoid ho gaya h.WO jab 5 year ki thi .tab bhi usy typhoid hua tha.bar bar typhoid hony ka kya region h.or aagy koi problem to nhi aaygi.abhi typhoid hua to pahly fever tha dr NY antibiotic Di to bhi fever thik.nhi hua fir test karway usmy bhi sab negative aaya .or baad m pata chala typhoid.h .antibiotic dayny p report m negative aata h .kya.aban usky pat m halka halka dard h .plz koi upchar bataiy

posted by pandiya.jyoti on 27 February 2015

sir, muje pichle 6mahine se apne body ke ander fever feel hota hai to meine blood test karwaya to doctor ne batya ki aapko thyphoid fever hai meine antiboitcs le raha hun lakin fever abhi bhi feel hota hai mera temp always normal se 1deg C jayda dikata hai 37.6C mough se hawa bhi garm garm aati hai body taki taki rahti hai. Iske alwa meine china me bhi apna blood check karwaya CBC usme mera LYMPH high or NEUT low aaya to Chinese doctor ne kaha ki aapko infection problem hai.Please muje kuch suggest kigiye.

posted by rana19786 on 9 November 2014

Mujhe 2 mahinese typhoid hai treatments ke char din bad heart problem bhi hua hai heart problem se main so nahi pata aur typhoid ka fever bhi kam nahi hot a hai vomiting bhi hitI rahti hai please koi ayurvedic upaye bataye

posted by bbkkraju on 9 September 2014

Sir, thanks,

mai rojana 2 glass milk pita hoon par koi response nahi hai, tea bhi band kar rakhi hai. Mujhe kamjori nahi hai sir, maine glucose ki bottle bhi lag y hai aur nurokind ke multivitamin capsul bhi khaye hai. par koi fark nahi pada. Mujhes sard dard aur bhukhar hamesh bana rahta hai. Hamesha uncomfortable lagta hai.

posted by AMAN 1 on 5 September 2013

Hello,Thanks for the inquiry. Since Typhoid occurs due to the bacteria in contaminated water,drink water after rolling boiled for 1 min. Eat raw fruits and veg that can be peeled. Avoid other raws. Food should be thoroughly cooked. Frequent hand washing is required. Vegetables and fruits like apple, pappaya, amla are more good for you. Soaked almonds and raisins are very beneficial to get back the nutrition you need.About the herbal supplements to increase the immunity and regain the vitality, you can take-(1)Warm milk 1 glass+ 1/4 tsp turmeric powder once daily.(2)Divya Giloy Ghan Vati- 2 tabs twice daily after meals with water.(3)Chyavanprash- 1 tsp twice daily .For 1 1/2 month you have to continue this medicines.


posted by Dr.Jilsy on 30 August 2013

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