Typhoid fever since 1 month want immediate relief

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sir, my son is 3yr old and is suffering from frequent fevers since 2 months. he was given antiboitics all the time but the fever is relapcing again and again his food intake has gone down very much. after all the tests 1 week back he was diagnosed with typhoid disease +ve. he is on antibiotics now. pls suggest us a very effective and fast relief medicine as he is becoming very week . pls help us. Also want a good immune booster for childern of age 3-7yrs. thank you. with regards.

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As you had mentioned that your child has been diagnosed with typhoid then the antibiotic course will have to be continued.

As this is an enteric fever thus lotf of precaution has to be taken. For the time being complete blend diet and bed rest is advisable.You have to take much precaution about the water you all consume.

Also once the antibiotic course finishes start with Dabur Chyawanprash.

Give golden milk before sleep daily ( half cup arm milk with one fourth teaspoon of turmeric powder and one teaspoon of honey).

give fresh vegetables and fruits like papaya, apple, amla etc.

Some soaked almonds daily in the morning with raisins.

So initially start with these and then we will let you know more things.


posted by Dr.Arindham on 20 October 2012

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