Typhoid fever since one and half year

Ram Kuntal, 31 January 2013 12:03  this question feed

doctor i have typhoid fever since one and half year and now i taking "giloy ghan vati, jwarnashak vati, mahasudarshan vati and ashvgandarist"(since 20 days) but still a headache on my eyebrows.............now what i do plz reply fast....

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Recurrence of typhoid happens when the bacteria is still present or if the medicines were not taken properly. The symptoms become better within a month, but in some it persists for more than a month. So if the results are negative, it means that the infection is controlled. But some of them have fever and other problems even if the test is negative. You can take these medicines and please let me know how you feel after 2weeks.

Medicines like Amrta aristam - 25ml after food thrice daily, Mahasudarshantablet, Hingwashtakchurnam can be taken which will help to reduce the fever and improve the digestion.

If you still feel the same after 2weeks, other blood tests like total blood count, liver function test and other tests relevent to the clinical symptoms must be done.

Eat easily digestable cooked food. Include vegetable soups, kitchadi, pepper, asafoetida and rasam. Avoid sweets, oily, spicy, foods that are hard to digest and that cause flatulence like beans, broccoli, cabbage, potatoes. Drink boiled water and practise general hygeine by washing hands.

posted by Dr.Ramani on 22 July 2014


hello sir muje last month se 2 bar typhoid ho gya h.aur muje physical weakness feel ho rhi h.dr. ka treatment chal rha h.but a muje koe ayuervedic upchar btaye jo typhoid ko jad se katam kr de

posted by bhardwaj.nandani on 8 September 2015

baba G mera name anil h m jharkhand s hu baba G aaj m 2 saal s typhoid s paresaan hu 4 5 doctr s v dikhwaya fir v koi fayda ni huwa jab v blood cheqe karwata hu to typhoid hi nikalta h mujhe halke fever hote h sir bhari lagta h. Gas bahut jada hota h. Khane ko man ni karta khane ko dekh kr boming jaisa lagta h or kamjori v ab aap hi koi upaye bataye baba g main bahut paresan hu plz reply fast

posted by anilmax5 on 18 July 2014

hello sir i m suffering from typhoid n malaria for 2and half yrs in test some times found malaria n somtimes typhoid n some tims both n l hve always heavyness in head n backpain please reply me medicine.

posted by ksonuk1062 on 4 March 2014

acc to your details it seems that i have symptoms of sinus headache..........so pleazzzzzz tell me what cause it and how to cure it completly..................reply fast....

posted by Ram Kuntal on 2 February 2013

Headache over eyebrows are due to tension headaches feels as if head is compressed,sinus headaches due to inflammmation of sinus cavities with complaint of cold,noseblock etc,cluster headaches as coming in waves and subsides for a short time.Other reason for pain is increased intraocular pressure in eye that spreads to eyebrow and other reason is temporal arteritis in which artery that supply blood to head swell reducing nourishment to head.This result in intense pain in eyebrow and jaw.You first need to see with which condition your symptoms are related to.Only after that treatment can be prescribed.Dr Geetika

posted by Dr.Geetika on 31 January 2013

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