Typhoid low fever

rkjain1981, 14 October 2012 18:32  this question feed

I have fever for last 1 month. fever is always low around 99 to 100. I was diagnosed with typhoid and has been given antibiotic injection for six days ,each day 1 but i am still suffering from same symptoms. Please help.

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It is necessary to follow dietary restrictions after having typhoid due to bacteria Salmonella typhi. Tiredness will be there for a month and by proper diet and adequate rest, it can be managed in a better way. Regarding Ayurvedic medicines like Divya Giloy Vati and Mahasudarshan tablet can be taken for a month. It will help to improve the immunity also. Always eat easily digestable fresh cooked warm food. Include buttermilk, vegetable soups, apples, banana, pomegranate, kitchadi and rasam. Avoid excess oil, sweet, salt and fried foods. Also drink boiled water. It is important to do a check up after a month and maintain a personal hygiene to avoid spreading the infection. You can go for work when your fever subsides completely and after you could feel improve energy levels.

posted by Dr.Ramani on 18 April 2015


Sir i am suffering from typhoid low fever 99.5 and my face looks red every situation and my body tamprature remains normal on touching but i cant understand what should i do

posted by naman.chauvey on 14 September 2016

Respected sirI have been typhoid since last month I can take ayurveda medicine because I m not feel better with allowpethic and I want to know what should I take in my diet and can I go in my job because I m working as a field boy

posted by shilpashukla403 on 3 April 2015


As you are suffering from low-grade fever and with typhoid fever symptoms. The role of ayurveda here in fever is mainly to prevent the relapse and to boost immunity of the individual. So, our main focus and goal of treatment is mainly to control the fever and prevent the symptoms and to treat the root cause. In your case, you must be very careful with proper diet and follow proper lifestyle which is very important.

You can try consuming the following medicines such as Mahasudarshan Churna, Divya Giloy Vati, Mahasudarshan Tablet which are good for you complaint.

You can have Tulasi or holibasil leaves as home remedy. You can prepare decoction with water and consume twice a day and the dosage would be 40 ml twice daily after food.

With regards,

Dr. Vijay.

posted by Dr.Vijay on 15 October 2012

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