Ulcerative colitis

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hi i'm 27year old i have been suffering with ulcerative colitis from last six to seven months . i all ready done colonoscopy , i tried losts of medicine but doesn't really help and lost allmost 6kg weight during ulcerative colitis .pls help me to get rid out of this problem . if possible pls send me your contect number then i can call you. Thank you guru ji

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There are may herbal solutions which you can go for like Panchkarma,diet,herbal medicine, yoga etc. Its important to deal it with now, as it may be treated best ,because if lot of time goes by and you are not observing the rule of diet then it ma get worsen.

eat at the regular times only,eat 2/3 of the capacity and drink water sip by sip after every bite. eat only home made food.

avoid stress all the times as it causes faster movement of the intestine.

ulcerative colitis ayurvedic medicine pack,Trifgiol willb evry good foryou.

take bel candy or sharbat daily.

posted by Dr.Sharma on 13 June 2013


Hello dr,I am from gujrat.My younger brother has ulcerative colitis last 1 year and he is 25 years old. Now he is in USA.and now he is doing treatment in usa and now colitis is in control and currenly he did colonoscopy and all report came normal but i want to do ayurvedic treatment so pls help me and any medicine suggest me! Thank you!

posted by Gandhimiral on 7 June 2016

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