Ulcerative colitis cum proctitis

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hi doctor i am 28 years old male, i m from mumbai, i have been suffering from ulcerative colitis since last 5 years, tried leaving allopathy medicines and had opted for homeopathy medicines, which actually got me a severe relapse and bloody motions 15 times a day, i got back to allopathy medicines since last 1 year, everything got okay except my rectum, thats just not healing and ulcerative proctitis just keeps coming back after steroids are tapered, this year itself i have been 4 times on steroids. pls suggest sumthing urgently

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as per your problem.

start with tab arogyavardhini vati 2tab bed time with warm water.of badyanath.

along with that take tab gasex 2tab before meals twice daily of himalya.

along with that take tab pilex 2tab twice daily after meals of himalya .

along with that whenever you feel like pain or burning senseation while passing motion then apply cream pilex before and arter passing motion in your anal part.

make sure that you will not take any kind of spices in your food till the total period of treatment .

also do not eat any kind of food in which you feel that it will be heavy to digest .

also you have to drink filtered water that to atleast 5 to 6 lit oer day may be more in these days .

with regards

dr sanjay

posted by Dr.Sanjay on 9 June 2013

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