Uneven chest bone

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Hello sir, I am 23 years old, I have uneven chest. The left part of my chest is slightly lower than the right part. Specially the cartilage of left chest bones are flat and right one have curvy n well developed. So please tell me what to do?

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The difference in both sides of the ribs is commonly of seen in many of them and a negligible difference is seen which is not at all a problem. But it depends on the degree of the difference. If the difference is more pronounced certain investigations like Xray can be taken after a consultation with an orthopaedician. The major difference will be due to the uneven leg length, scoliosis or due to other developmental problems. Due to this difference, the curves may be more prominent one side and may look flat the other side. There is no specific treatment to correct it. But improving postures will help to prevent further increase or to correct the problem to some extent. Oil massages, leaf poultice, streaming oil, rice poultice are helpful to strengthen the spine, will help to reduce the pain and will support in correcting the postures. Please consult with a Yoga teacher and try to do some exercise with their guidance and try to practise it everyday. Please let me know if you have consulted an doctor earlier.

posted by Dr.Ramani on 26 January 2015

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