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Seema, 14 December 2009 11:56


I have recurring urinary track infections for the past five years. I have burning sensation when i urinate. I always have to do the antibiotic course. Can you please suggest some Divya medicine for it.


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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

Females are very prone to UTIs or urinary tract infections due to the anatomy of their body. Repeated infections make urogenital system very weak and many complications may occur. The immunity of urogenital system also reduces and in turn increases chances of further infections. Generally simple infections are cleared just by increasing urinary output, as a reaction from body. But repeated, chronic and resistant infections need proper treatment for their full eradication. Ayurveda has strong diuretic, anti microbial and immunity booster medicines which clear chronic infections from urogenital track and controls associated symptoms. We recommend you to take divya chanderprabha vati and shilajit capsules with divya asmarihar kwath for almost two months to eradicate the urinary tract infection and strengthen whole urogenital system. These Ayurvedic medicines will cure fever, burning sensation in urine, increased urination and weakness in body due to excessive urination. Take these medicines and increase water intake to get the best results. These medicines completely cure UTI and increase immunity of urinary tract to avoid repeated infections. Further queries are welcome.


posted by Dr.Ravinder on 15 December 2009

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I used to go every now and than for

urinal with burning sensation. In the morning it is very pathetic condition . what is the home made remedies for this problem. Thanks.

posted by rakeshkumar_3065 on 22 April 2013

Can a preganant woman also take these medicines?? I am in my 6th month of pregnancy?? and I am suffering from urinary tract infection. Doctor is about to start antibiotics which I want to avoid.

posted by Guest on 4 January 2010

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