Urinary tract infection eith bladder neck infection

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Salam Respected doctor. iam from pakistan 30 yrs olrd unmaried i am suffering with urinary tract infection and with tight bladder neck obstration since last 8 yrs plz help me many treatment but no result . now my urine flow is very week with hot stream. in our area there is many herbs store plz advice me for this which i made medicne in home easily. i am in very very much tention plz help and i hope u safe my life God will gave u reward for this very soon. thanks Doctor.

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As you are suffering from recurrent urinary tract infections, there are possibilities that you might be suffering from residual volume of urine bladder and as you mentioned it is something tight neck bladder obstruction which is also connecting to your urinary tract infection. Since you are suffering from long term problem, it is important to get periodical checkups done and ensure that your vitals are good.

You can start taking some home remedies like consuming juice of plantine pith juice 150 ml daily early in the morning. Consuming barley water is also recommended in your case.

Try to avoid spicy foods and oily foods and maintain healthy diet and try to reduce intake of meat if you are taking it regularly, you may have it weekly once. If you are taking spicy masala etc, that may aggravate bouts of UTIs.

Following herbs you can try such as Gokshura Guggulu one tablet morning and evening after food and if it is not available there, you may take Gokshura also called as Tribulus terrestris.

One more good medicine is Bangshil which is also good in your case if you take those tablets one morning and one evening after food.

You can practice general exercises and bladder strengthening exercises and Yoga and Pranayama or Meditation if possible.

posted by Dr.Vijay on 21 June 2015

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