Urinary Tract Infection - Rheumatoid Arthritis

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Hello Doctor,

My father is 81 Years old. He already has Rheumatoid Arthritis ( there is a big swelling and pain in his left leg ankle from many years). Earlier, certain medicines used to help reduce the swelling. But now, nothing helps. Further, he has under gone Prostate operation twice – once in 1997 and next in 2007. He has also been diagnosed with diabetes from last 4-5 years. Recently he observed that the urine passed by him shows formation of lather (as if some soap water has been put in the commode). So, he got his blood and urine tested for diabetes as well as he got a urine culture test done. The results were as follows:

Test Result

Blood (Sugar)
Fasting 143.6 Post Prandial (2 Hrs) 213.6

Urine (Sugar)
Fasting Absent Post Prandial (2 Hrs) Present ( + )

Urine (Kerone)
Fasting Absent Post Prandial (2 Hrs) Absent

Urine Culture Report

Organism isolated Klebsiella pneumoniae Colony count More than 1,00,000 CFU/ml Interpretation Significant colony count suggestive of urinary tract infection.

There is another page in this report the heading of which says “ Antimicrobial Susceptibility Test - Klebsiella pneumoniae”

In this report, only “Ampicillin” and “Piperacillin” are shown as “Resistant”, rest all names such as “Ertapenem”, “Amikacin”, “Amoxycillin/ Clavulanic Acid”, Tigecycline” etc are all shown as “Susceptible”.

Doctor, please let me know what does all the above mean, whether you can suggest medicines and diet for him or whether I have to show him to a Urologist.

Thanks and Regards,


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Dear thanks for writing.These conditions may occur in Old aged people as the Catabolic processes are going on at a faster rate. And also recovery is also very slow ,if diseased.Frothy urine and patho.report later confirms that he is suffering from UTI,also he is got RA.along with.A Urologist may recommend some Anti-Biotics accordingly.

You may give him Ayurvedic & Herbal medicines for all types of Urine Infections,these contains medicine for UTI by inducing Diuresis and also Providing strength to Urinary system.These will also be good for some pain relief of Knees and also some relief with High sugar.

ALSO apply Pidant oil on knees ,it shall be highly beneficial.

In the Diet Give him some Light DAL SOUPS,with some little anardana churna etc. to make it palatable.

Please feel free to write back to us for further management.

posted by Dr.Sharma on 23 January 2013

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