Vaid gave me 1 gm cintamani ras instead of 2 gm this question feed

pooja_1, 18 January 2010 23:48

hi, i m a 38 years female. i have mutiple sclerosis since 3 years. i got 2 attacts so far. this time i got attact from spine. i m on allopathic medicine also.(injection which i take 3 times a week) i have started swami ramdev baba's package since 2 months. FOR HOW LONG I SHOULD TAKE RAMDEV BABA'S MEDICINE ?when i went to shope to buy packages (five packages to mix it,divide in 60 parts and take 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening), but vaid from shop gave me cintamani ras 1 gm only instead of 2 gm. becoz he told me 2 gm will be strong. IS IT OK TO MIX 1 GM CINTAMANI RAS INSTAED OF 2 GM ? he gave ashwagandha also to take 2gm in the morning and 2gm in the evening. these 5 packages and ashwagandha i know for MS. on all ramdevbaba's web site mention it. but he gave me some tablets also which is tryodashang guggul,chandraprabha vati,shilajeet rasayan. is it ok to take these medicine ? and i m taking allopathic also so ALLOPATHIC MEDICINE CAN I CONTINUE OR STOP ?
please let me know. thanks.

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

You can continue your allopathic medicines with your ayurvedic medicines. Take full curse of Multiple sclerosis package to get relief in your sclerosis problem. You can decrease your doses if your doctor has advised you for the same. Take your medicines regularly and practice pranayams for good health.

posted by Dr.Ravinder on 19 January 2010

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