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I had a thyroid problem and I took Godunti bhasm, reval, bahera churna, black pepper, lindi powder and dry ginger powder for almost 4 months and my thyroid level was almost normal.

But again I had a blood test after 3 months when the thyroid level was normal and found that TSH level intreased to 12.5, CK blood test = 770 and ANA test was positive. Vitamin D was also found to be little bit lower. How can I have permanent cure for thyroid, CK level, ANA and vitamin d levels to be normal. Please prescribe the herbal & ayurvedic medicines for above things. I appreciate your sincere advise. Thanks

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Ayurvedic Medicine

TSH or thyroid stimulating hormone is responsible for maintain thyroid hormone level in body. If you have higher level of thyroid stimulating hormones then it means that thyroid hormones T3 and T4 are below their normal levels. You are suffering from hypothyroidism. It results in bradycardia or very low heart beat, weight gain, low BMR, constipation, weakness and lethargic nature, brittle nails, brittle hairs and puffiness in body, specially face. Person may even go in to depression. We recommend yu to start with DIVYA KANCHANAR GUGGULU for complete cure of thyroid problem. This is special ayurvedic medicine for the treatment of thyroid related problems. This medicine helps in maintain TSH, T3 and T4 in normal limits to Normalize BMR and various body functions. A regular course of these medicines maintain normal body weight, heartbeat, BMR and cures all signs and symptoms of thyroid problem. We recommend you to make a regular course of this safe natural medicine and practice pranayams for best results.


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Thanks for quick response and definitely I'm going to order the above product you mentioned. But you didn't answer my other questions about CK level which is high and also how to maintain proper Vitamin D level? Please answer these questions. Thanks

posted by Guest on 25 December 2009

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