Why kesh oil is out of stock ?

chandan, 28 January 2010 17:07  this question feed

I am from Hyderabad, and here since more than 20 days kesh oil is out of stock. And there is no clear info at any patanjali stores when kesh oil will come from Haridwar.

We are struggling a lots at here. We are unable to continue our treatment. plz take needful action to fulfill the medicines time to time.

Thanks a lots.

Pranam Ramdev baba.

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Ya we are facing the same kind of problem in hyderabad, i do not think its a communication error , as the store keeper keep saying that the shipments are not coming from haridwar.

posted by shank on 29 January 2010

i hope proper communication is not there in between Haridwar office and all the Patanjali stores.

posted by chandan on 28 January 2010

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