Excessive Belching

asked by Sukhdeep75 on 11 June 2020
Hi , I am 44 year old female. I have a history of excessive belching. Usually it last for a week... Read More
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Sebaceous cyst

asked by Tut on 11 June 2020
Can we cure sebaceous cyst on scrotum with the help of yoga pls suggest... Read More

My T3 and T4 are undercontrol but my TSH is 6.31.

asked by Neha Bajaj on 10 June 2020
I'm 28 years old. I recently had blood test and got know my thyroid is not fine. T3 and T4... Read More

Creatinine and urea

asked by Narayan2040 on 10 June 2020
Mine mom creatinine is 6.6 urea 98 and protein +++ in urine She is taking medicine of bp and... Read More
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Male fertility gokshuradi guggulu

asked by Luella on 10 June 2020
I need information on male fertility gokshuradi... Read More
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How to use triphala churna for weight loss

asked by Ezra on 9 June 2020
Kindly provide advice on how to use triphala churna for weight... Read More
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Treatment for celliac disease (gluten allergy) and thyroid

asked by kumarpankaj1981 on 9 June 2020
i am 34 yrs old housewife..mother of two twin daughters.. delivery by C-SECTION..my weight is... Read More

Thyroid and infertility Patanjali treatment

asked by simpy1383 on 8 June 2020
Am 37 year old 4 months back I had thyroid check my toh came out be 4.44 rest t3 and t4 were in... Read More

Chronic pancreatitis | Acidity, Digestion, Ramdev medicine

asked by sandy10 on 8 June 2020
im 27, and im having chronic pancreatitis , in 2015 i got pancreatitis and then found out about... Read More

Schizophrenia Ayurvedic Medicine From Patanjali

asked by Girishchaudhari on 7 June 2020
Sir/madam, I have shizophrenia since last 12 years. I have also schizophrenia and sexual... Read More

Ayurvedic Medicine About scrotal pain

asked by Sohitsohit on 7 June 2020
Age:24 Male Present complain :scrotal pain Sir i m suffering from right testicle pain since... Read More
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