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Swami Ramdev: Personality and Work  E-mail
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Swami Ramdevji Maharaj is a historic personality. He has written new history in the areas of yoga-prananyam and ayurvedic treatment methods. In this regard the work done by the organization established by him namely Patanjali Yogpeeth and University, Patanjali Yog Samitis, Divya Yog Pharmacy Trust and branches, will be written in golden letters on the pages of history. He has written a eternal and indestructible history of Indian traditional glory. Another historic aspect of Swami Ramdevji Maharaj’s personality is the short period of time in which he has done this magnificent work.

In the time take by highly qualified management gurus and engineers to draw their designs or write their ideas on paper, Swamiji is able to show the complete manifested work within that timeframe. It is a result of his miraculous personality that lack of money has never become an issue in the fulfillment of his work. Whatever task he takes in hand, Swamiji never fails to fulfill it. Once he starts, he doesn’t turn back. Losing is something that Swamiji hasn’t learnt. Napoleon’s motto - ‘Defeat is a word found in the dictionary of cowards’ – is Swamiji’s inspirational sentence. Swami Ramdev has the courage to blow to smithereens the rocks that may come up as obstacles on the way. The coming generations will remember such a personality for hundreds and thousands of years. By observing, reading and hearing about the work done by him, people will continue to be fascinated. With the passage of time, it is also possible that some of his emotional devotees start worshipping him as God. However, Swamiji would never want this to happen. Swamiji is a believer in Gita’s Karmayog and ‘Work is worship’ is his philosophy. 

The vastness, emotion and attractiveness of Swamiji’s personality do not need any proof. The print, visual and audio media of today feel themselves honoured when Swamiji gives them the privilege of telecasting him live. Every TV channel, newspaper reporter, press reporter and programme producer keeps eagerly waiting for sometime from Swamiji. Swamiji’s programme increase media ratings. Millions of people watch Swamiji on television daily. There are a number of inexplicable and rare characteristics in Swamiji’s personality that adds a lot of charisma to his programme on yoga. Swamiji has connected ancient Vedic culture with modern consumerist culture. While Swamiji talks about religion, spirituality and philosophy, he also does not hesitate to adopt modern technology or science. Swamiji adopts everything that is positive, no matter where it comes from. Swamiji has declared war on pretence, superstition, rituals and rites, etc that take place in the name of tradition. He has revealed the truth behind the masks of many a so-called great man. He is on the side of brotherhood, harmony, cooperation, equality amongst religions, peace, etc. He is a staunch enemy of bias based on regions, caste, religion, community, language, and of terrorism, etc. His doors are always closed to hatred, jealousy, falsehood, corruption, etc. 

 There is an unique coexistence of qualities such as yoga and spirituality, philosophy, social service, nation service, humanitarian service, service to all living beings, valour, energy, strength, sympathy, love, devotion, kindness, ability to fight against bad elements, etc. in his personality. When Swamiji speaks about Vedas, Upanishads, scriptures, philosophy, yoga, Samadhi, pranayam and spirituality, it seems as if the actual compilers of the Vedas are in front of us. When Swamiji simplifies and explains to us the hidden secrets of yoga and Ayurveda, it seems as if the great sage Patanjali, Dhanwantari, Charak and Susrut are themselves in front of us under a vast banyan tree in a hut making divine medications. When Swamiji declares war against sins, torture, injustice, corruption, bribery, idleness, robbery, betrayal of the nation, widespread ineptitude in governance, cowardliness, impotency, etc. and calls out to destroy them, the images of Purushottam Ram and Karmayogi Krishna take shape before us. When Swamiji invites us to shoot out at the internal betrayers and cheaters who threaten the independence, dignity, unity and vastness of the nation and the external terrorists and makes a loud sky-piercing noise against them, making the enemy shiver with fright – the actual form of brave soldiers such as Maharana Pratap, Shivaji, Rani Lakshmibai, Tantiya Tope, Chandrashekhar Azad, Bhagat Singh, Subhash Bose, Vir Sabarkar, Sardar Patel, etc. appear before us and challenges the enemy,asking them to step on to the battlefield. When Swamiji calls upon everyone to make this world disease-free and healthy, and when he prays for the goodness of the world in a very pure manner, it seems as if the Lord of all Lord, Mahadev Shiva has appeared before us. When Swamiji shows the emotions of pity, love, kindness and affection towards the poor, orphans and helpless, it seems as if Mother Parvati has spread her cloak over the world to protect it from all bad influences. When Swamiji roars with energy, valour and heroism, it appears as if Durga has come down to Earth herself. Starting new activities each day, he appears to take the form of Shri Ganesh. From his wish of protection, caring, conservation of all living beings, he appears to like the preserver of the world, like Vishnu. When he speaks of religion, spirituality, philosophy, spread of the knowledge of the Vedas and Upanishads, social welfare, independence, etc., it seems as if Maharshi Dayanand has again come back on this earth in the form of Swami Ramdev. When he speaks of philosophy, purity, development of orphans and the poor, cleanliness, a society free from disease, sorrow and fear, truth, non-violence, etc., we see Gautama Buddha, Mahabir Swami, and Mahatma Gandhi in him. The other qualities of Swamiji’s personality are; patience as the earth, seriousness like the ocean, speed, energy and enthusiasm like the wind, thunder like the clouds, energy, valour, strength like the sun and fire, peacefulness like the moon, roar like the lion, softness like butter, vastness like the sky, service towards others like a tree, calmness and thirst-quenching like the water, nutritious and filling like rice. He is the one person in whom all such Godly qualities are mixed. The qualities of all the four castes – Brahman, Kshatriya, Vaishya and sudra are seen in Swamiji.

Now I would like to throw light on a few points about Swamiji’s work and projects. Swamiji removes the fear-fear and diseases from people across the world. Following the saying ‘Vasudeva Kutumbakam’, Swamiji has made the entire world his home. Just like a true pilgrim, he travels the world for the good of others, in both the country and abroad. To regulate his work from a central point, Swamiji established the Divya Mandir (Trust) and the Patanjali Yogpeeth (Trust), the ambition of which are to reach yoga and Ayurveda to the 700 crore global population along with Indian culture and words of the sages. The words of the Veda, ‘Krinvanto vishwamaryam’ will only then become fulfilled. Till the year 2009, Swamiji had developed up to 1 lakh yoga teachers and started translating this into work. Under the guidance of the Patanjali Yogpeeth, Patanjali Yog Samitis have been established in all districts of the country. In most districts, at the Tehsil level too, sub-samitis have also been established. Across the country, there are over 35,000 yoga classes being run which benefits over 20 lakh people everyday. Swamiji’s aim is ‘Healthy India-disease-free world’. To fullfil this ambition and ensure that the message of yoga and pranayam reaches each one, Swamiji himself continuously moves from one corner of the world to another and organizes yoga camps - teaching people yoga, pranayam, asana, etc. Swamijiwants to develop a peaceful world – happy, prosperous and with brotherhood. Where no person dies of hunger, everyone gets a place to stay, there are clothes on the body, everyone gets employment, and freedom from poverty. Amongst Swamiji’s revolutionary thoughts, one is that the farmers of India should adopt the cultivation of medicinal herbs and plants along with fruits and vegetables. They should made ready raw material for Ayurvedic medicine. It is also on Swamiji’s minds to set up units in various places to derive juice from fruits and prepare pickles. This will give a new face to the Indian economy. By giving the proper price to farmers, Swamiji wants the farmers to make ready pickles, juice, sweets, etc. the consumption of these will not only improve people’s health but also provide new avenues for employment to hundreds of people. The income of farmers will increase with the cultivation of medicinal herbs and plants, and at the same time invaluable foreign currency too will be saved. To encourage the use of Ayurvedic medicine (if medicines are to be taken in serious illnesses), Swamiji manufactures superior quality and proven medicine in Divya Yog Pharmacy. This too will provide relief from foreign multinational medicine companies and stop crores of dollars from leaving the shores of the nation. According to Swamiji,only in Allopathic medicine, Rs 6 lakh crore is being spent. If diseases could be controlled with the help of yoga, pranayam and Ayurvedic medicine, then the country’s economic problems could be solved in just one instant. India can again become the golden bird. These are the kinds of ideas that Swamiji has to improve the rural economic situation and in fulfilling which he works hard day and night. In this way, Swamiji is encouraging the Swadeshi movement and is trying to stop millions of dollars from leaving the country. In this way, Samiji also wants to completely ban cow slaughter, intoxicating substances such as alcohol, tobacco, drugs, etc. because these accountable for the sorry state of the nation to a large extent.

Cow is considered to be a mother in Indian culture. The cow not only nourishes our body with milk, curd, cream, ghee, etc. but cow’s milk, ghee, dung and urine also act as medicine. If cow’s dung is used as natural fertilizer in the fields then clearly we won’t have to use poisonous chemical fertilizers. Chemical fertilizers act as sweet poison and the fruits and vegetables that arise with its use are the carriers of various diseases. Again we have to spend a huge amount of money in curing these diseases along with harming our body. The land’s fertility to decreases and finally becomes infertile. Cow dung is a very superior fertilizer which not only increase production of crop but also increases quality.

Similarly, Swamiji calls he cultivator of tobacco and manufacturers of alcohol, ‘death traders’. The intake of these leads to TB. Asthma, Hepatitis B, etc, diseases and crores of money of the country in spent in treating these incurable diseases. Even then people fall victim to untimely deaths. According to Swamiji, his programme includes complete ban on cow slaughter, complete ban on manufacture of tobacco and alcohol, and adoption of yoga, Pranayam and Indian treatment methods and agricultural methods based on Ayurveda to make the country free from disease, sorrow and fear within just one year and make it capable and prosperous.

Swamiji is all for crushing out terrorists, betrayers, spies, corrupt people hidden in the country. Swamiji is in need of a brave, courageous, patriotic, dedicated political leader who can keep the country’s glory, dignity, honour and self-respect intact and can keep mother India’s head high in the world. In this way, Swamiji wants to establish Indian industries and chase foreign multinational companies out of the country because these foreign companies take out a lot of invaluable money from the country. If Indians start using goods made in India, then the money of the nation will remain in the nation and the country will become prosperous. In this way, Swamiji’s slogan is – ‘Health is our birthright.’ Along with the desire to make the entire country dis-ease-free and healthy, Swamiji is also trying his best. According to Swamiji, yoga is a superior life process.

Yoga is a complete life philosophy. Yoga is a complete treatment science, self-knowledge and self-rule. Yoga is the path that takes one from bondage to Samadhi. Yoga is the best way to develop our production, quality, positivism, etc. Swamiji wants to se India as the most beautiful and healthy country in the world. Swamiji wants India’s population to be controlled. Less but more capable children should be developed. Swamiji wants cleanliness to be observed in all travel infrastructure, railway-bus station, airports, tourist spots, hotels and hostels, all roads, parks and offices, work places and other public places such as hospitals, schools, markets, etc. People should understand their responsibilities and make this country beautiful and clean.

According to Swamiji, only cleanliness, health, sincerity in work and sensitivity will lead to prosperity in the nation. Swamiji wants to encourage yoga, Ayurveda, Indian sports, work and exercise in order to develop the self-reliance of the nation. According to Swamiji, we should stop using foreign products made with zero-tech-nology. Swamiji is against non-vegetarianism and for vegetarianism. He believes in the right of all living beings to live. According to him, we do not have the right to take the life of any living being. In Swamiji’s opinion, the religion of the nation is the best religion. Motherland and mother tongue is even better than heaven. It is Swamiji’s desire that India becomes the world’s spiritual and economic superpower. Swamiji wants to destroy the germs that have erupted in the nation’s system. He wants to bring about a radical change in the system by destroying the following vices prevalent in governing bodies: idleness during work hours, incapability, bribery, red-tapeism, nepotism, corruption, lateness, irresponsibility, etc.

After the above-mentioned details, I can say with surety that Swamiji’s personality is vast and it is impossible to describe it with just a few words. Hi entire life is a philosophy in which the deeper you dive, the more invaluable pearls you will get. Swamiji is the creator of a generation, an ascetic with a revolutionary outlook. Within just a few years, there are researches going on in universities across the world on Swamiji, his life philosophy, his personality and work as part of M.Phil and Phd projects. Really, Swamiji’s personality and work has now acquired such a vast form that it is impossible for a single person to present it in the complete form all by himself. For this, scholars across the world will have to do deep research and bring forward invaluable gems from the depths.

- Narendra Kumar Yadav, D.A.V, Narnol 

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tarlok singh  - prostatcancer |2013-06-30
my father hs prostate cancer last year with PSA1900.By harmonse threapy an is being given after 3
he has PSA 20.He is doing some yoga aasans with taking cow urine and ark of tulsi dailly.please guide further action to
end this desease.
R.B.Kushwaha  - for medicine distributor/ holseller |2011-12-10
Respected Sir,

I am working with ITI Ltd & completing my tenure on 31.01.2012 as Astt. Manager (Production) and I am
also Yoga Teacher having ID No. RBK192244 With my wife her ID is GD153872 . After retirement from my service I desire
to work as DISTRIBUTOR/ HOLESELLER at my permanent residence at Chandauli ,

At present there is no any Shop /
Distributor /Holeseller at Distt. Chandauli.

Hence You are kindly requested to permit for open as Distributor /
Holeseller for which necessary formalities to be completed , may be intimated as early as possible.
I am eagerly
awaited your prompt reply.

Thanks & Regards
Astt. Manager ( Production)
contect No. 94###68274
mail ID : rb***
YOGESH  - i m hadicap |2011-07-07
helllo remdev baba ji my name is yogesh
my age is 19
my problum is i m hadicap my kees are band inside the legs
aur sliva are always drop down from my mouth & my height is also so small just 5 foot what should i do
plz tell me

my email id is yo***
Netra Pal  - social work by ramdev ji. |2011-04-08
swami ji,
this is Netrapal from mathura working in a govt organisation.i'm very impressed by you.i want to
know about work done for poor,needy and unhealthy people who is not taken care by their family.i want to know that the
Patanjali chikitsalaya will help to the above people in free or there is any system to help like these people?please
send me in detail.
Netra Pal
parulkiritbhai kavishwar  - for work |2010-06-11
babaji pranam

me apke india or out of india k koibhi ashram me kam karna chahti hu
kya aapka javab milega?

parulkiritbhai kavishwar  - for work with babaji |2010-06-11
swamiji pranam.

mera nam parul kavishwar hai

me apke india ke or out of india ke like UK me koibhi center me kam karna
chahti hu kya ap muje kam de sakte hai asha karti hu javab milega

parul kavishwar
pragya  - tree growth |2009-09-20
babaji ko pranam

aapka program main daliy dekhta hu, main daliy 2 hour yoga karta hu , aapne
jo baharat ko jagat guru banane ke liye andolan kar rahe haisarahnia prayas hai.
aap kahte hai yog karo nirog
jab tak paryavaran padushit rahega to hum yog ,pranayam se to padushit vayu hamare ander gayegi isliye aap se
neveden hai ki pedhe paudhe lagane jada jor de.

aapka chhota yoga
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