Ayurvedic Medicines For Immunity

Low Immunity, Premenopausal symptoms, Acidity, Stress

asked by skavya on 13 December 2012
Thank you Doctor for your quick response on 9/12/2012. I have already started on the remedies... Read More

frequent cough and cold in 2 yr son- low immunity

asked by kabuji on 13 July 2012
Doctor ji, my 2 yr son is facing sever health problems related to cough and cold(from birth... Read More

To boost the immunity power

asked by SSK on 27 March 2012
Dear Doctor, My husband has wheezing trouble and it is under control by an ayurvedic medicine... Read More

Immunity Management

asked by ayurveda_remedies on 4 January 2012
How to manage immunity to prevent diseases... Read More


asked by Gangao on 4 December 2011
Hello, I m 27 years, can you suggest something to improve my... Read More

Fever and to boost immunity

asked by sati on 23 August 2011
My 9-year-old female child is suffering from fever, usually she gets cold and flu repeatedly. ... Read More

Ayurvedic medicine to increase immunity in allergic bronchitis

asked by Tory on 25 February 2011
Please give advice on ayurvedic medicine to increase immunity in allergic... Read More

Immunity medicine

asked by romeochamp on 23 September 2010
Dear Dr Vijay What is the dose of immunity medicine for a 4 year old child? T.... Read More

Immunity and Speaking

asked by gagmon on 4 September 2010
Hello Sir, My 3 year old kid(boy) has a weak immune system. he normally gets sick within a few... Read More

Herbal tea for immunity

asked by herbalfinder on 22 April 2010
i have a weak immune system and want to know that if there is any herbal tea for strengthening... Read More

Tulsi for immunity

asked by tulasi on 19 March 2010
Is tulsi good for building healthy immune system? I keep getting sick time to time so if I use... Read More

Amla for immunity

asked by herbal_fan on 8 March 2010
Is amla immunity booster? and a great... Read More

Ashwagandha for immunity

asked by herbal_fan on 19 February 2010
My immune systems is very weak, I am thinking of taking ashwagandha, please... Read More

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