Ayurvedic Medicines For Joint pain

Knee joint pain

asked by srinivas12 on 18 April 2013
Hello Dr., My mother is 52yrs old and suffering from severe knee joint pain, request you to... Read More

Kindly suggest medicines for joint pain, dry cough and cold

asked by moumi on 29 March 2013
Hello Sir,myself Sushmita Dey (F-23 yrs),Sir I am suffering from knee joint pain from last two... Read More

Joint pain

asked by kala on 12 February 2013
Iam 43 years old female suffering from severe joint pain iam undergoing treatment in chennai now... Read More

Joint pain,fever and increase in WBC in blood

asked by YOGINIyogini on 20 December 2012
Hello Sir, My other have joint pain and fever since last about 25 days. when blood test was... Read More

Joint pain and swelling in feet

asked by ruhina on 5 November 2012
hello doctor, my friend his name sourabh age 22 years has a type of disorder in his joint and... Read More

Suffering from every joint pain

asked by vampire on 17 August 2012
Abhishek kar,age-21,duration of problem-1 yr, i was under treatment of allopathik medicines, i... Read More

Kabaj ,gastric joint pain one side leg & sugar

asked by kash on 23 April 2012
sir mujhe sugar 5months hai par abhi control hai aur sbse jyada kabj ,gastric se pare san hu... Read More

ARTHASOL Syrup - Arthritis / Joint Pain Support

asked by Ezra on 20 September 2011
Sir, may I request some information on homeopathic remedy ARTHASOL Syrup - Arthritis / Joint... Read More

Knee joint pain

asked by binoor on 5 September 2011
I am 45 year old. I am quite fine except I feel pain in my knees. It is more severe in cold... Read More

Patanjali medicine for joint pain

asked by Velvet on 30 April 2011
Would like to have information on patanjali medicine for joint... Read More

Baba ramdev medicine for joint pain

asked by Luella on 30 January 2011
Kindly provide advice on baba ramdev medicine for joint... Read More

Joint pain for father.

asked by mallinath on 22 September 2010
Baba, i would like to know where are the medical center in Bangalore for Joint pain... Read More

Psoriasis, mild asthma, joint and muscle pain

asked by Pranothan on 12 September 2010
I have been on psoriasis pack for 2 month. Only a little improvement. I have been taking maha... Read More

Joint Pain Due to Increase ESR

asked by niranjan on 18 August 2010
Babaji Namskar, Now days MY joints are paining due to increasing ESR .My ESR rate is 99 cmm so... Read More

How to remove pain in joint? ayurvedic or home remedie for joint pain please...

asked by dharmishtha on 2 August 2010
Om babaji Namastey! My mothers age is 67 years she is suffring badly from joint pain... Read More

Joint pain

asked by aarti on 20 March 2010
namste guruji, meri age 28 hai.mere 2 yrs ka baba hai.uski born hone ke 1 yr,baad mere fingers... Read More

Joint, mascular pain and depression in cloudy season

asked by pravin on 5 March 2010
Dear Dr. Vijay, I have problem in my joints, muscle and get dpression and acidity immiediately... Read More

Knee joint pain and irregular dates

asked by snegi on 1 February 2010
Namaskar, I am 25 yrs old female. A month ago I visited one of Baba Ramdev asharm in... Read More

Joint pain

asked by Sanyukta on 28 December 2009
Namaskar Doctor My husband is having 43 Yrs of age. Before 6 yrs he was having sprain in leg... Read More

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