Ayurvedic Medicines For Nasal

Nasal polyps

asked by nasal polyps on 6 August 2013
Age 25 ,nasal polyps for six years . Surgerries two times but id didn't work so i used... Read More

Ayurvedic medicine for nasal polyps

asked by nasalpolyps on 31 July 2013
Doctor i have used baidyanath oil for redusing nasal polyps which helped me lot its been years... Read More


asked by SHAKIL on 7 May 2013

Nasal Polyps & sinusitis

asked by jon on 3 February 2013
Hi, I have nasal polyps, sometime I can't breathe through nose. I live in states, want to... Read More

Chronic rhinitis, snoring, post nasal drip

asked by GRANDPA on 13 December 2012
Age: 75 years Gender: Male Duration: 5 years Medication taken: OTC nasal sprays Test report: not... Read More

Ayurvedic Treatment for Nasal Polyps

asked by sps on 26 October 2012
My age is 40. i had 2 surgeries for nasal polyps before (2002, 2006) but it recurs again. I had... Read More

Mukta vati and nasal congestion

asked by sairam17 on 21 August 2012
I have been taking mukta vati tablets 1 in the morning and 1 at night for 3 months now. My Bp... Read More

Nasal allergic problem

asked by monti on 26 July 2012
guru ji mujha 3 year say problem hai nasal allergic mare muhe kai ander upper ki side say malgam... Read More

Nasal Polyp Treatment with Ayurveda

asked by rgupta52 on 12 June 2012
Hello Doctor, I have polyp in my right nostril from past 4 years which has completely blocked... Read More

Allergies Nasal congestion

asked by arti on 14 May 2012
i have so much congestion n sinus problem.my throat is also paining.i m using the nasal spray... Read More

Nasal Polyps

asked by Moh on 14 October 2011
Sir... I am 31 married female and i am having Nasal Polyps since 15 years back, and these days... Read More

Mukta vati and nasal congestion

asked by sati on 22 August 2011
Hello doctor, one of my friend is consuming Mukta vati since 9 months and since 3 months he is... Read More

Mukta vati side effects nasal congestion

asked by Dirk on 7 July 2011
I require information on mukta vati side effects nasal congestion ?, waiting for your answer... Read More

Nasal blockage

asked by ismail on 24 May 2011
namaskar name-mohammad ismail, gender-male, age-56 yrs, bronchitis in the age of 25, taken... Read More

Baba ramdev medicines for nasal polyps

asked by Kimmie on 10 April 2011
Advice is required on baba ramdev medicines for nasal... Read More

Post nasal drip

asked by neelam on 11 December 2010
My son is seventeen year old. He is suffering from post nasal drip since he was 4 year old,thick... Read More

Nasal allergies

asked by anand65 on 18 September 2010
hello sir, got your answer thanks a lot. i have also heard that hyper active immune... Read More

Nasal allergies

asked by anand65 on 18 September 2010
i loev pranayam..i simply love it!! but heres the problem ..as soon as i do pranayam the left... Read More


asked by linkinpark on 21 April 2010
sir, i am allergic to aspergillus fungal and having development of nasal polyp...please help me... Read More

Nasal polyps

asked by veenup on 12 March 2010
Namaskar Guruji, I have nasal polyps from 2 years.Doctor suggested operation. I did try 30 mins... Read More
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