Divya Swasari Kwath For cough, cold & Respiratory Problems

asked by AmitDeshmukh on 29 May 2020
Is Divya Swasari Kwath of Swami Ramdev beneficial in disorders like cold, cough & other... Read More

Immunity booster

asked by aniruddh on 27 February 2017
Dear sir I give Amal alovera juice to my two children age 10 and 5 as they hav prolonged cough... Read More

Getting cold and nose running

asked by praveenrenu on 11 February 2017
I am getting cold and nose running from 4 months. I tried many tablets and syrup which doctor... Read More
1 reply  -  Cold

Allegic asthma

asked by sharla on 21 January 2017
sir my daughter is suffering from allergy asthma from her childhood .we are taking allopathy... Read More


asked by alok.rcu on 3 December 2016
ALOK KUMAR, AGE: 28, GENDER: MALE, I had been prescribed Tulsi Ghanbati, Giloy Ghanbati, badam... Read More
2 replies  -  Cold

Swasari pravahi for my 11 months baby

asked by csranjith32 on 14 November 2016
Sir can I give swasari pravahi for my 11 month old child who is suffering from cough and cold.if... Read More
2 replies  -  Cold

Regarding to cough during pregnancy

asked by Bhatu on 14 November 2016
Sir, I live in USA.I am 7 months pregnant and I am having cough from last few days and cold from... Read More

SON health related advice

asked by Ramcse on 3 November 2016
Dear Sir, I am Professor R. C. Barik want to convey a hearty thanks to Swamiji and his Mission... Read More
1 reply  -  Cold, Cough

Health care

asked by raju98 on 20 October 2016
Dear sir my brother is so thin .it is very difficult to breathe him at night times With running... Read More

Cold and cough problem

asked by bharti2014 on 10 October 2016
having cold and cough to my 2 yrs and 6 month baby so please provide and good cough syrup and... Read More
1 reply  -  Cold, Cough

Cold and cough

asked by deepu_123 on 10 October 2016
sir mera beta 4 saal ka hai pichhle kuchh mahine pehle usko bukhar aur khansi hui thi dontor ne... Read More
1 reply  -  Cold, Cough

Flowing nose

asked by Ankit84mehta on 20 September 2016
My fathers age is 65+.he is a Diabetic patient for last 15years. He is currently having zoral... Read More
1 reply  -  Cold

Amla and aloe juice intake in cold allergy

asked by Ksal on 18 August 2016
Hello sir. I have a bad allergy throughout the year which causes lots of sneezing and irritation... Read More
1 reply  -  Cold, Cough

Relation between DNS and chest congestion

asked by RajatChawla on 13 August 2016
Sir I am 22 years old(Male) and I have been suffering from consistent chest congestion from past... Read More

Cold and chest congestion

asked by pichi on 5 August 2016
Since 2 weeks my 15 months son is suffering from cold and chest congestion, we gave him... Read More
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Regular Cough

asked by Amu1984 on 15 June 2016
Hello Doctor, My son is 10 month old and from last 2months he is getting frequently cold and... Read More

Cold and cough with chest pain and kharash

asked by Jksb on 1 May 2016
Namaskar sir ji, lagbag teen saal se mera chest me pain ke sath khasi , jukham , gale me... Read More
1 reply  -  Cold, Cough

Allergitic cough and cold

asked by helloji on 20 March 2016
I'm 17 now. I have allergy and symptoms are sneezing, cough, problem in throat, asthma etc.... Read More

8month,female child,cold and cough,

asked by kodungallur on 11 March 2016
8month old baby,female, birth weight 2.800kg,present wt 6.300kg,cesarian,o positive blood... Read More

Severe Cough, cold & fever

asked by devamr on 12 February 2016
Hi, my son is of 4 and half years. He mostly suffer from badly cough, cold & fever.. Can we... Read More
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