Low Vision Power

asked by sumitkng on 7 August 2018
My nephew has very low cushion power so use high power glasses to see something. she is just... Read More

Eye allergy

asked by Kishore ravali on 17 May 2018
My son aged 51/2yrs has been suffering from spring catarh (eye allergy) since 3 yrs.due to... Read More

Eye pressure

asked by Mrick on 7 April 2018
I have reported eye pressure on my eyes 23-24 mm Hg from last 2-3 years but no damage in optive... Read More

Eye problem

asked by recruiter on 5 February 2018
Dear doctor i could not find answer for problem , pls help me find solution ... Read More
2 replies  -  Eye

Alovera , karela and Amla Juice

asked by DKSINHA85 on 15 September 2017
Dear Sir, I just need the Information that can I take Amla juise, Alovera Juice and Karela juice... Read More

Eye strain and headache

asked by vikkybhai on 4 September 2017
my age is 26 year and have also myopia 5/5.5..doctors said that my eye nerves are weak due to... Read More
1 reply  -  Eye, Strain

Eye problem

asked by Saurav12 on 4 September 2017
Sir i have power of -3.25 and -2.75 please suggest me baba ramdev products to remove... Read More
1 reply  -  Eye

Eyesight Problem ayurvedic treatement

asked by sur2chouhan on 10 August 2017
Hi Sir, My eyesight is very week, My specks number is:- Right Eye: Sph - +2.5 Cyl - +1.0 Axis... Read More

Using Isotine Eye Drops

asked by PritiSoma on 24 June 2017
Hi sir/madam I'm Priti Iam 20 yrs old and I wear specs my left eye power is -1 and my right... Read More

Ways to reduces my eye sight

asked by jayanthyadav on 5 May 2017
i am jayanth ,16 years old and i wanted to know the treatment that i should take to remove my... Read More
1 reply  -  Eye, Sight

Eye Cataract

asked by jyoty kumar saxena on 25 April 2017
Sir, Before 25 years I have done RK operation(Radial Keratotom) for long vision eyesight. Due to... Read More

Eye treatment

asked by Sanju20 on 17 April 2017
I have a problem of lazy eye, how can it be cured ? is there any patanjali medicine is... Read More
1 reply  -  Eye, Lazy

Drishti after cataract operation

asked by roque on 13 April 2017
58.5 years male Glaucoma, cataract surgery. married. can Drishti eye drops be used after... Read More
2 replies  -  Eye

Patanjali eye drops

asked by Misha ar on 10 April 2017
I have blurry vision in one eye and headache and sometimes eye paim can i use this eye... Read More

Eye weak problem.

asked by shiya on 20 February 2017
hello,I m 22 years old and my eyes is so weak.can i use patanjali dristi eye drop.plz advised... Read More
1 reply  -  Eye

Eye weakness

asked by PrashantKV on 6 February 2017
नमस्कार सर मेरा नाम प्रशांत हैं। मैं... Read More
1 reply  -  Eye

Eyesight problem

asked by harjot sekhon on 27 January 2017
Sir i am harjot my brother age is 9 years yesterday he said he see only half with his left... Read More
1 reply  -  Eye, Sight

Eye spot and swollen eye

asked by chandani88 on 2 January 2017
Hiya I've got a red spot on my eye lid it is painless. I have had it for about 3 weeks now... Read More
1 reply  -  Eye

Eye problem

asked by nikhilkadu on 3 October 2016
I am 22 yr male and having bad eye floaters since 2 months it getting me anxious day by... Read More

Eye problem

asked by Uru123 on 9 August 2016
I am a 19 years old female student who has to work in a laptop for longer period of time.I wear... Read More
1 reply  -  Eye
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