High creatinine sodium potassium urea in blood, Ayurvedic Medicine

asked by sankarji on 9 May 2020
Male 89 years I have, blood pressure, creatinine urea, potassium and sodium in my blood and... Read More

High BP due to multiple angiomyolipomas

asked by savinirs on 12 September 2018
Recently I was diagnosed with multiple myoangiolipomas in the kidneys due to which my BP has... Read More

High creatnine

asked by ramaipur32 on 15 August 2018
Respected sir, Age is 30(F). Diabetes from 10 yrs. Now on insulin from 6 month. Having treatment... Read More

Createnin level increase after take patanjali medecine

asked by ujjwal debsarma on 22 July 2018
My father is going to dialisys from last 5 months. He take patanjali medecine and after take... Read More

Creatinine & Blood Urea Problem High Level

asked by RADHEY SHYAM PRASAD on 18 June 2018
Name - Radhey Shyam Prasad Age - 55 Years Gender - Male Marital Status - Married Address - Vill... Read More
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My mom with age 50 having kidney stone

asked by Sakib Ali on 8 March 2018
My mom has the 3.6mm kidney stone and she has little pain in the kidneys .The kidney stone is of... Read More

Increased uric acid level and kidney stones

asked by Nithin M on 23 February 2018
I'm 25/M, my uric acid level is 8.1. I have also been diagnosed with 3 kidney stones of 6... Read More

Kidney Damage

asked by MAHUBGM on 1 February 2018
Hi, Last 5 days back visited hospital with Uncle , when they saw Uncle with Swell on Leg and... Read More
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Kidney dicease

asked by kinjalpatel6013 on 21 January 2018
my father has kidney stone , diabetes , and creatinine level is 2.3 what are the aayurvedic... Read More

Kidney Stones

asked by kumar1987 on 20 November 2017
Hi Doctor, I am having multiple calculi stones on both kindneys sizes from 3mm to 6 mm .I am... Read More

Increased createnin level in blood

asked by Surbhi27 on 30 October 2017
Respected doctor, I am 24yr old female, suffering from multicystic kidney dysplasia. Recently I... Read More

Creatinine control

asked by daddy 123 on 18 September 2017
i am 79 years old present complaint is increasing creatinine level from 1.3 to 1.9... Read More

Kidney failure

asked by Omkare on 18 September 2017
My age is 22 male presently my creatinine level is 5.9 and I have only fatigue and vomiting... Read More

Removal of kidney stone

asked by Ashit05 on 12 September 2017
Sir kindly say me a good and fast treatment of removal of kidney stones suffering from last 7... Read More

Niharika Singh, 32 Female.

asked by Niharika Singh on 3 September 2017
I have kidney disease, creatinine level is 9.00, Having problem in both kidney. How can I meet... Read More

Kidney obstruction 7 percent working

asked by Iera on 22 July 2017
Sir, My daughter is 5 year old . Recently we come to know about her kidneys problem . In ct scan... Read More

Kidney POLYCYSTIC disease

asked by Tee on 18 July 2017
This is regarding my kidney polysystic disease. I m 8yrs old girl. Doctors say my both kidneys... Read More

Kidney stones

asked by Sampu on 14 July 2017
sir my mother age is 40, recentiy in one of diagonsis,doctors said that there was a stone in her... Read More

High level of creatinine

asked by mnaut14 on 1 July 2017
My 30 year old son is suffering with kidney illness.his creatinine level is 2.36. mg/dL.He... Read More

Chronic kidney disease with creatinine 6.4

asked by Nayan123 on 23 June 2017
Its regarding my mother with age 64. She is diabetic and having high blood pressure. She had... Read More
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