Food stuck in chest after eating and comes out with burp

asked by Akshay Kumar Tyagi on 30 May 2020
sir i am 26 year old person and i am suffering from acid reflucx from last 5 months i have... Read More

High level of uric acid in bloor

asked by Shilpanishanimatha on 12 June 2018
My mother is suffering from sever joints pain due to increased level of uric acid in blood. Pain... Read More

Acid reflux and gastric

asked by dev bahadur sunar on 2 April 2018
hello sir namste, sir me nepal se hu age hai 24 mera problem hai khana khane ke 30min ya 1hour... Read More

High uric acid patients medications.

asked by Doter on 13 March 2018
Hello sir, my father has a high level of uric acid, i.e 9.9 mg/dl. So can he take GODHAN ARK... Read More
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Increased uric acid level and kidney stones

asked by Nithin M on 23 February 2018
I'm 25/M, my uric acid level is 8.1. I have also been diagnosed with 3 kidney stones of 6... Read More

For Heartburn and Acidity

asked by Umesh Tiwari on 30 June 2017
My age is 35 ( Male) I am daily suffering from acid reflux due to which my head pains I am... Read More

Uric acid level 8.2

asked by vmarada on 28 June 2017
Hello Sir, can you suggest to control my uric acid levels in normal please. i am 37 years old... Read More
1 reply  -  Acid, Uric

Dear sir i am suffering from uric acid and premature ejaculation problems

asked by hus on 13 June 2017
dear sir i am suffering from uric acid and premature ejaculation please help me out i want to... Read More

High level of Uric acid

asked by lily890 on 22 May 2017
My Uric acid is high 8.7, i am suffering from joint pain, elbow pain.kindly suggest how to... Read More

Uric acid high

asked by chandrasekharan on 31 March 2017
70 years old male. my uric acid level is 9.5mg/dl.suggest me a suitable medicine.. i am taking... Read More

High Creatinine

asked by Pearlqueen on 5 March 2017
I am 65 years old married male.Height174CM, weight 94Kg. Taking medication for last around 20... Read More

Severe GERD

asked by Kvniyer on 28 February 2017
I have severe acid reflux with bloating, gas and burn in upper stomuch and mouth. I am unable to... Read More

Urination frequency

asked by Vipulkr on 4 November 2016
Gurudev, i am not able to retain urine for much time. The moment, i feel urinating, i rush to... Read More

Uric Acid on Border Line

asked by poonam123 on 17 October 2016
Dear Doctor, I am 37 years female . recently i started getting pain first in my thumb finger... Read More
1 reply  -  Acid, Uric

High uric acid and pain in joints

asked by sandeep1184 on 20 September 2016
Hi My name is Sandeep 33 years old sir i am having pain in my knees sometimes it is too much... Read More

Information regarding Acid reflux

asked by Anil82 on 23 August 2016
Hello i am 33 year old and i have acid reflux problem from 4-5 years. I am taking nexium 20mg... Read More

Medicine for High Uric Acid

asked by Tilak Raj Guleria on 22 August 2016
I am 50 years old male and suffering from high uric acid since last two years. No surgery No... Read More
1 reply  -  Acid, High, Uric

Acid reflux and cough

asked by dev11 on 14 July 2016
Sir, Namaskar, Male, 28, Sir, from last few days i amd suffering from acidity.Due to this cough... Read More

Uric acid treatment

asked by ajai on 26 May 2016
I am 66 year of age suffering from pain in Toes,Fingers,Knee and also in left Pelvic bone. I... Read More
1 reply  -  Acid, Uric

Menopause, diet according to prakriti

asked by b5025 on 7 April 2016
My mother, age 49, is reaching menopause. Her menstrual cycle is very irregular now. Recently... Read More
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