Amalaki churna for weight loss

asked by varuna on 30 September 2013
Hi.i am 27 yrs and I have weight problem.i wanted to knw if taking amalaki churna will help me... Read More

General health

asked by prakasam m on 13 August 2013
Dear Sir, My wife had taken amla juice without honey one year before for two months. Now, if she... Read More

Ayurvedic Medicine Dosage advise

asked by SSK on 29 March 2012
Dear Doctor, I am advised by you to take "Divya Ashwagandharishtha" and... Read More


asked by sushill sharma on 29 November 2011
sir what is the benifit of amlki rasyan, and can we eat aswagandha and amlkirasyan and... Read More

Pregnancy and Constipation

asked by Kareena on 29 November 2011
Dear Dr, Can you please suggest me some safe herbs to take for the constipation during the... Read More

Patanjali amla juice benefits

asked by Liama on 30 May 2011
Respected Sir, I seek advice on patanjali amla juice benefits ?, thanks! very... Read More

Amalaki for hair

asked by Kimmie on 15 March 2011
Advice is required on amalaki for hair, I seek your guidance regarding this matter and I... Read More

How to make amalaki rasayana

asked by Luella on 9 February 2011
I want advice on how to make amalaki rasayana, I would request you to please post relevant... Read More

Amlaki/Amalaki for Constipation and weight loss

asked by herbal_fan on 17 December 2010
Is Amalaki/Amlaki or Amla is good for curing Constipation and loosing... Read More

Amlaki for immunity and rejuvenation

asked by herbal_fan on 17 December 2010
How Amlaki or Amalaki is beneficial for raising immunity and... Read More

Amalaki uses and benefits

asked by herbal_fan on 17 December 2010
What are the health benefits and uses of Amalaki... Read More

Amalaki antioxidant properties

asked by herbal_fan on 17 December 2010
what are the Anti-oxidant properties of... Read More

Amalaki for Eyes

asked by herbal_fan on 17 December 2010
is amalaki beneficial for eye... Read More

Amalaki for Hairs

asked by herbal_fan on 17 December 2010
What are the benefits of amalaki for hair problems such as hair fall, hair loss, baldness and... Read More

Amalaki or Amla

asked by herbal_fan on 17 December 2010
What is Amalaki or amla? Does it have any health... Read More

Amalaki Rasayana

asked by herbal_fan on 8 March 2010
Amalaki Rasayana, whare are the uses and benefits for... Read More

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