Divya Medha Vati for Autism

asked by S.Paul on 25 April 2018
Dear Sir, My son aged 2.5 years has been diagnosed with moderate autism with speech regression.... Read More
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Mild autism & adhd

asked by Swatu on 9 March 2018
Namste sir, mera beta 8 year complete hai use mild autism our adhd dignos kiya hai usko hamesha... Read More

My baby age 5 years,girl,shehas suffered with Mike autism and hyperactive and we used kamadughad ras,sarashwati arishta ,medhavti

asked by D nandu on 16 December 2017
Our request is please kindly help us to make her socialise...she is able to read and write...but... Read More

3year son having autism

asked by Rohiniatul on 29 August 2017
My son is 3years old diagnosed with Autism having speech problem. He says fewer words mamm papa... Read More

About Autism

asked by Jayathika on 31 July 2017
Hello sir, My 16 month boy have no social interaction and he doesn't play with other... Read More
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Can we have treatment for autism

asked by Jhansi on 15 June 2017
Hi sir, my sister is 22yrs old and she is suffering with autism from childhood is there any... Read More

Advice regarding treatment of autism

asked by Chakuli on 14 June 2017
Hello sir, My son is 25 years old. He is mild autism.His 50-54.The Problem is that he... Read More
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Autism to my son

asked by Mukesh parasher on 20 January 2017
Dear Sir, I have 5 year old son. He repeat words if we push him. he doesn't speak himself.... Read More
1 reply  -  Autism

Mild autism

asked by gaurav0009 on 16 September 2016
sir/ madam, We have a nine year old son, he has mild autism. at the time of birth every thing... Read More
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Ayurvedic remedy for autism

asked by alokincometax on 31 July 2016
Sir, my 2.7 years male child has been assessed autisic of medium risk. He is not speaking... Read More
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Medicine for autism treatment

asked by Jvb on 4 May 2016
My 3yrs old child diagnose with mild Autism and ADHD.he is facing speech problems and do not... Read More
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Ayurvedic Treatment of Autism in Ayurveda

asked by gupta_rajiv_2000 on 6 March 2016
Hello Doctor, My 6 years son is dingoes with Autism and we are doing speech therapy, physio... Read More
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Autism Ayurvedic Medicines

asked by Pujashish5 on 14 July 2015
Dear sir, My four years son has Autism. I would like to know if Baidyanath Shankhpushpi syrup... Read More

Child with mild autism & mild stone delay problem.

asked by babusona on 14 April 2015
Respected Madam, With due respect willing to inform you that I have a daughter of age... Read More


asked by kbnoida on 13 February 2015
My 5 year child has problem of ADHD and autism due to which he has language impairements. Which... Read More

Autism problem

asked by pbjaipur on 18 June 2014
Guru g pranam, My 22 yrs son has autism..completed graduation.i worked very hard with him in d... Read More

Autism help needed

asked by Guest123 on 30 August 2013
Hi, My daughter was diagnosed with Autism 4 years back, she is now 7 years old, I have tried... Read More

Medicine for auism

asked by god on 3 October 2012
my son is diagnosed with mild autism.Can I get medicine for my... Read More

Ayurveda medicines for mild Autism and ADHD

asked by Uvi on 9 July 2012
Hi, I have son (age 4yrs 7 months)is suffering with mild AUTISM and ADHD. We are working with... Read More

Ayurvedic medicine for autism

asked by vijaysilky on 4 April 2012
dear sir, i have a daughter of three and a half year old, she is diagnosed to be suffering from... Read More
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