Ayurvedic medicine

Love Natural Remedies

asked by YogaGuru on 21 October 2016
Herbal & Ayurvedic products from Love Natural Remedies (http://lovenaturalremedies.com) are... Read More

Indian Ayurvedic Classical Medicines

asked by YogaGuru on 1 February 2014
Please find list of all Ayurvedic medicine which are made as per ayurvedic sidhanta mentioned in... Read More

Ayurvedic medicine for nasal polyps

asked by nasalpolyps on 31 July 2013
Doctor i have used baidyanath oil for redusing nasal polyps which helped me lot its been years... Read More


asked by ssbandekar on 4 July 2013

Trigeminal neurolgia- ayurvedic medicine

asked by ananta on 20 June 2013
age -64- male -tn-allopathy-tegretal-100 mg- 3 times-none in the family had this- met major... Read More

need ayurvedic medicine for unwanted hair on face

asked by kgs55 on 17 June 2013
doctor, many hair growing on my daughter"s face. in sidebuns mush bearunder lips. i... Read More

Suggest an ayurvedic medicine

asked by Ananya78 on 31 March 2013
Sir, i am 34 yrs.old suffering from Hodgkin's Lymphoma. I have been taking Chemotherapy... Read More

Any yoga or ayurvedic medicine for cough and cold

asked by YSArya on 1 November 2012
Sir,i suffering from cough and cold and this problem create easily when i work in low temprature... Read More

Ayurvedic Medicine for typhoid

asked by Negi71 on 7 September 2012
I am suffering from typhoid since last five years. Request intimate name of ayurvedic medicines... Read More

Ayurvedic medicine for epilepsy

asked by jpravi202 on 4 September 2012
I have my first seizure when i was 6 months old. then it had repeatedly started once two month... Read More

What ayurvedic medicine can i use

asked by lisa on 4 August 2012
i have fibroids for approx 6 years i am 35 years old and trying to get pregnant. the largest... Read More

Brahmi gritham a ayurvedic medicine

asked by aswani on 3 July 2012
good morning sir tell me brahmi ghritham improves understanding does it improve understanding... Read More

Best ayurvedic medicine for crohn's amebiasis and colitis disease

asked by lucky arora on 11 June 2012
My age is 42 & I have problem of crohn's ameiasis colitis kindly advise me best... Read More


asked by Prakash Dudakia on 29 April 2012
Hello Doctor, My son is suffering from spinal cord tumer. He had been operated once and then... Read More

Ayurvedic medicine for autism

asked by vijaysilky on 4 April 2012
dear sir, i have a daughter of three and a half year old, she is diagnosed to be suffering from... Read More

Thyriod Ayurvedic Medicine

asked by chanda on 3 February 2012
hello! My thyriod level is 14.26 my age is 63 and weight 72.i do not have BP or sugar problem.i... Read More

Ayurvedic medicinal system details

asked by ayurveda_remedies on 23 January 2012
Please provide details of classifications of ayurvedic medicinal... Read More

Ayurvedic medicine for low uric acid

asked by Manga on 1 December 2011
Sir My Name is Anil sachdeva and I am Having a very low uric acid thats why i have pain in my... Read More

Baba ramdev ki ayurvedic medecines book in hindi

asked by Lovely on 7 June 2011
Hello, I want advice on baba ramdev ki ayurvedic medecines book in hindi ?, I am thankful to... Read More

Is there ayurvedic medicine to lower the Uric acid

asked by aromakannan on 9 March 2011
Dear Doctor, Iam 32 year old male suffering from High Level URIC ACID for past 6 years. I have... Read More
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