Azospermia treatment in aruvadic

asked by tuni on 14 December 2012
Age 24 after 6 month of marriage we cant concive baby so v chekup dr says i have azospermia mean... Read More

Obstructive Azospermia

asked by sameer-1 on 7 November 2012
Dear sir, we got married 3 year before,we made several tests and come to know that i have zero... Read More

Help me My husband hass Azospermia

asked by Temit on 3 November 2010
We've been married for 10 years now and no issue later my husband was diagonized and was... Read More

Azospermia ayurvedic medicine

asked by help on 5 August 2010
sir,i have one testis and very small.the other one shrinked when i was young(15years old).i went... Read More

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