Ayurvedic medicine for Gall Bladder Polyps

asked by Lyreco on 17 May 2018
I have been diagnosed with gall-bladder polyps and my doctor is suggesting surgery as this may... Read More

Gallbladder pholyps found

asked by Sam777 on 19 April 2018
Sir I sampath age 26 ,police constable during my police training i got two 4 mm gallbladder foci... Read More

Urine bladder neck problem

asked by abhijit das on 13 April 2018
i am 35 yrs old male, i am sufferring from bladder neck obstruction problem since 18 yrs, my... Read More

Urinary Tract Infection,Overactive Bladder,Bed Wetting

asked by bamni on 16 February 2018
25,female,UTI,OAB,Bed Wetting, For past two months i'm taking gokshuradi... Read More

Stone in Gall Bladder and right kidney infection

asked by Bikash2207 on 3 January 2018
Sir My Father aged about 61 year, has been advised for Ultrasound, in the Ultrasound report... Read More

Gal bladder stone

asked by Madhumati on 4 September 2017
I am a 57 year old woman suffering from a gall bladder stone of 2.5/3mm size.i am currently... Read More

Kidney failure

asked by vijayspsawant on 26 July 2017
My niece has urine retention & urine flow problem because of this her one kidney got... Read More

Bladder cancer patient requires immediate consultation

asked by udit333 on 17 June 2017
Dear sir My father(60yrs) is suffering from Bladder Cancer(T4N1M0). He underwent CPE+TURBT five... Read More

Required immediate consultation

asked by udit333 on 16 June 2017
Dear sir My father(60yrs) is suffering from Bladder Cancer(T4N1M0). He underwent CPE+TURBT five... Read More

Blader cancer

asked by biresh on 8 June 2017
my father has gone a turbt operation in biopsy it finds tcc grade 3 now what are the precautions... Read More

Cancer in gall bladder at advance stage

asked by SHIVPRITAM on 18 March 2017
My father age 72 years, he is suffering from cancer in gall bladder at advance stage, he is... Read More

Advanced gall bladder cancer howbto cure?

asked by Litu dhar on 21 February 2017
My fadher is age 63, have a gall bladder advanced cancer stage 4.last 8 months he has been... Read More

Gall Bladder Polyp

asked by Akash12 on 30 January 2017
Male (Jain), 40yrs, Unmarried, weight77, Vegetarian, in past 2009 had twin successive surgeries... Read More


asked by MANISHA PUSTODE on 6 January 2017
sir my USG report states that 'The gall bladder is partially distended.Multiple (10-12mm)... Read More

Gall bladder wall thickness

asked by sanjkumar on 1 November 2016
Babaji, My ultrasound report said, there is "contracted & filled with echoreflective... Read More

Stones in gall bladder

asked by Bsg on 13 September 2016
USG report of my daughter in law aged 29 years revealed 16mm sized stone in gall bladder. All... Read More

Gall bladder calculi

asked by sharnam on 4 September 2016
Hi my age is 26 and I am female I was suffering from stomach pain after eating food from last 1... Read More

Regarding gall bladder stone prevention procedure

asked by Pankaj Singh on 17 August 2016
Age : 3 Year (baby) Gender : Male Problem : I have a baby boy and 6 months back I get to know... Read More

Gall bladder removal

asked by sunil agnihotri on 4 August 2016
age 48 years 6th july 2016 operated gall bladder removal surgery after operation i am getting... Read More

Ayurvedic Cure to remove Stones from Gall Bladder

asked by Subramaniam on 25 April 2016
I am 78 Years of Age. As per Ultra Sound Report my Gall Bladder is full of Stones. But I have no... Read More
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