Bloating after eating food and doesn't go

asked by Tanya0201 on 28 April 2018
22, female. I feel bloated after every meal and this doesnt not go away on its own. If I start... Read More

Weight gain despite simple controlled diet

asked by God-Great on 11 February 2018
Hello I am 43 years old mother height 5' 2". I got married at age of 22. Before... Read More

Gas bloating

asked by joel on 22 January 2018
Dear Sir/Madam Im 33 yr unmarried female. Im suffering from hypothyroid, daibetes and... Read More

Acidity/ Bloating/ Constipation

asked by patan123 on 1 August 2017
Dear Doctor, I am 37 Male, I don't eat spicy food often. But some how I got Acidity for... Read More

Bloating and gas

asked by FFR on 25 October 2016
Hi dr I'm 47 years old and suffering for along time from bloating and excess gas that gives... Read More

Water intake and yoga?

asked by nit_m on 9 May 2015
Hi, I just want to know what should be daily morning schedule as soon as i woke up.that is to... Read More

Fibroids & bloating

asked by susi on 25 February 2014
Hello, I am 41 years female (married & no children) from Australia. I would like to try... Read More

Dabur chyawanprash help bloating

asked by Leela Jawed on 20 June 2012
Medicinal herbs and supplements are great for heatlh, so please provide information about Dabur... Read More

Baba ramdev s remedies for stomach bloating

asked by Velvet on 26 March 2011
May I request information on baba ramdev s remedies for stomach... Read More

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