Piles with burning sensation

asked by Heat on 1 August 2017
I have burning piles... With little bit bleeding... But budning sensation is a lot.how to get... Read More

Excessive sweating and rashes

asked by Shibaniray on 15 March 2017
Dear Sir, I am suffering from excessive sweating which has started causing burning rashes in... Read More

Severe feet burning

asked by Pinkis on 5 July 2016
Respected Sir/ doctors My mother is 58,has been suffering from severe feet burning for long... Read More

Severe feet burning

asked by Pinkis on 4 July 2016
My mother is 58. she has been suffering from feet burning for 2/3 months. Also she is having... Read More

Burning feet and toe

asked by Mina Patel on 29 September 2015
Mina Patel gender:female Age 51 Pranam Baba I have relate about my plantar fascciitis (foot... Read More

My lungs problem

asked by utplask on 11 April 2015
Dear sir, I'm 20 years. I had smoked only Ten piece of cigarette in 8days and now my chest... Read More

Stomach burning

asked by chaku on 17 October 2014
Hello babaji..i m 36 years old,my name is miss trupti....i suffered from burning sensation in... Read More

Stomach problms

asked by rupesh_sjn on 21 August 2014
Sir, My age is 32i have a vey strong burning sensation in chest from last two years when i got... Read More

Burning sensation in urine, with blood clots

asked by Yogeshji on 8 May 2014
I have been experiencing burning sensation while passing urine. Blood clots also comes out with... Read More

Urine burning probluem

asked by purshotam.1035@rediffmail.com on 27 October 2013
name purshotam age 31 i do daily yoga when i do toilet than during the urine ... Read More

Burning feet problem when wear sleeper

asked by ajaybhadakwan@gmail.com on 16 June 2013
i am 50 yrs old i have burning feet problem when i wear a sleeper that time so warm feeling at... Read More

Burning in urination

asked by rana2013 on 12 May 2013
hi sir i am Ranadeep age-22yrs suffering with urination burning problem for 5 years can u please... Read More

Burning while passing urine

asked by zeus on 16 November 2012
sir from last 2 years i have problem burning while passing urine no effect from mdicines not... Read More

Burning sensation in vagina

asked by Ridhi14 on 18 October 2012
I feel burning sensation during passing urine in my vagina.plz suggest what to... Read More

Needed Solution for Intestinal Pain and infection

asked by jogesh2012 on 17 October 2012
Hello Doctor, I am 25 years old male and have acidity problem in stomach and always feel... Read More

Burning mouth syndrome

asked by nalini on 1 September 2012
My mouth (all outside and inside lips, tongue, inside cheeks) is constantly burning. I am... Read More

I dont masterbate

asked by saurav on 23 March 2012
heoo sir i m saurav,25. when i was 14,i used to masterbate much due to bad people friendship.i... Read More

Testicle pai and urethra pain burning on uranation

asked by khim on 11 February 2012
i have sauch problem testicle pain urathra pain like bee bite burning on uranation urine... Read More

Jatyadi tail ayurvedic medicine

asked by Jolyane on 24 July 2011
Hi Sir, I need advice on ayurveda treatment with medicine Jatyadi tail ?, I would be very... Read More
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