asked by Deep@7447 on 22 August 2018
My cholesterol is 215mg/do Triglycerides is 142mg/do HDl 41.80mg/DL LDL 144.80mg/DL Vldl... Read More

High cholesterol , please prescribe medicine

asked by AshokK on 21 January 2018
Age 56 years, male, high cholesterol. vldl 78 mg/dl, triglycerides 390 mg/dl Taking medicine... Read More

Maharishi Lipomap

asked by Punz on 1 August 2017
Dear doctor, I want to know about the dosage of maharishi lipomap for an 28 year old male having... Read More

High cholesterol

asked by Punz on 31 July 2017
Dear doctor, I am suffering from high cholesterol , Kindly advice me best herbal medicine for... Read More

Creatinine and cholesterol is high, need medicine forgot that

asked by Pavas shiksha on 17 June 2017
My husband's have high blood problem from many years. Recently his cholesterol and... Read More

Medicine for High Cholesterol

asked by BS15 on 17 April 2017
Age 43 yrs, female, Total Cholesterol 283, HDL- Direct 63, LDL - Direct 180, Triglycerides -... Read More

Cholesterol & BP results to be evaluated

asked by CHN on 26 February 2017
Hello, I am 40 yrs old and few days back suddenly my BP shot up to 200/110 when i was in office... Read More

Lipid Profile

asked by joydeb ghosh on 21 January 2017
Hi, I am joydeb ghosh 40 years old married person,my mother is diabetic my Glucose, fasting is... Read More

Abana for Chloestoral

asked by Dhrop on 20 January 2017
Pranam I have high cholesterol and began taking Abana 1 tab twice daily. In three months the... Read More

How to control cholesterol label low

asked by vkp on 29 December 2016
Sir, My Cholesterol is become high as colestrol is 252, Triglycerides 376 , LDL Cholesterol :137... Read More


asked by Rumashelat on 14 September 2016
I am 57 years old female. High cholesterol runs in the family. My present Ldl is at 166, Hdl at... Read More

High Cholesterol at age 31

asked by arpit12345 on 28 August 2016

Excess Wt, High BP, colestrol, Diabatic, arthritis

asked by birjesh on 6 April 2016
Age 50, Gender Male I am around 81 KG height 5 ft 5 inches. I am on alopathic medicine for high... Read More

Low HDL,How to raise it naturally.

asked by Ganu1 on 6 March 2016
Dear Dr. I am 32 yr old Man, recently I have checked my lipid profile and my results are... Read More

High blood pressure increased cholesterol n heartbeat

asked by prince Ali on 17 February 2016
hello sir. My hubby is 40years . he is having high blood pressure problem since last4 years. his... Read More

To lower Cholesterol and triglyceride

asked by sandy2705 on 26 December 2015
Hello, We have very simple home made food, less oily still my husband has total cholesterol 143... Read More

Consumption arjunamla

asked by preeya on 12 October 2015
How much mli should consume arjunamla while consuming cholesterol medicine my brother's age... Read More

Using brahmi

asked by alxndr on 24 March 2015
I am 61 years old and am using ecospirin 75 for my cholesterol control. My current cholesterol... Read More

Cholesterol deposits under the eyes and eye-lids

asked by sudipta on 11 December 2014
Good Morning Doctors Can you suggest me any ayurvedic medicine for removal of cholesterol... Read More

Increase Cholesterol level

asked by Amit R on 5 August 2014
My cholesterol level is increase, Could you please suggest ,how it will be control... Total... Read More
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