Chronic pancreatitis treatment

asked by Dhiraj Khachane on 28 June 2020
Im 38yrs(male) old I am suffering from chronic pancreatitis since 2014 now i have diabetes... Read More

Chronic pancreatitis | Acidity, Digestion, Ramdev medicine

asked by sandy10 on 8 June 2020
im 27, and im having chronic pancreatitis , in 2015 i got pancreatitis and then found out about... Read More

Chronic calcific Pancreatitis Patanjali Medicine

asked by Dhiraj Khachane on 1 June 2020
Mera age 38yrs hai,Mujhe 6 saal se chronic calcific pancreatitis ka problem hai,diabetes... Read More

Food stuck in chest after eating and comes out with burp

asked by Akshay Kumar Tyagi on 30 May 2020
sir i am 26 year old person and i am suffering from acid reflucx from last 5 months i have... Read More

Liver cirrhosis and portal hypertension with ascites

asked by Suraj thakur21 on 22 March 2018
Dear Sir, My mother Age(44) and She is Suffering From CLD And Portal hypertension with ascites... Read More

Low grade fever

asked by Vedalam on 26 January 2018
Low grade fever since last 9 years. Loss of appetite. White coated tongue. Widal... Read More

Chronic insomnia

asked by mpe on 12 September 2017
Hi Hello doctor I'm pris age 25.last August 2016 I had a baby and after that I had a... Read More

Chronic typhoid

asked by ksikrival on 6 September 2017
Sir I am suffering from chronic typhoid from lasr 3 year's my fever couldn't find by... Read More

Chronic antral gastritis

asked by Siddha on 5 September 2017
Dear sir, i am 27year old,i suffered past one year chronic antral gastritis,after tested... Read More

Chronic typhoid

asked by ksikrival on 4 September 2017
30year's male. Sir mujhe pichle 3 varsho se typhoid fever he. Jab dawa leta hu to thik... Read More

Suffering from internal piles and Chronic Fissure

asked by vikas82 on 20 July 2017
Sir i am 36 years old and i had a piles surgery 18 years back.Around six years back i got blood... Read More

Chronic Urteceria

asked by sanjayk4 on 13 July 2017
Dear Sir, I am suffering from chronic urteceria and it is coming out to all over the bodies.... Read More

Is there any treatment in ayurved for by birth kidney problem

asked by Vaibhav agrawal on 21 May 2017
Namaste sir Mera naam vaibhav agrawal h ..meri bhatiji jiska naam meethi h ...aur age 4.5 years... Read More


asked by nitin779 on 19 April 2017
sir, i am nitin suffering from CKD my creatinine is 2.4 and blood urea is 58 i am insulin... Read More

Chronic pancreatitis

asked by sudhadhar on 26 March 2017
I had acute pancreatitis and thereafter had several episodes. thereafter after two years I had a... Read More

Chronic pancreas

asked by ashishkumar131985 on 14 March 2017
Age-31 Yrs Gender-Male Present condition-Chronic pancreatitis with diabetes mellitus... Read More

Diabetes ckd

asked by Rajesh1989 on 8 March 2017
Sir my father of 61 year's old he is suffering from diabetes chronic kidney disases (... Read More

How to eliminate chronic allergy

asked by touch on 20 February 2017
I have been suffering from following problems: i) Breathlessness / Difficulty in breathing ii)... Read More

Home remedies for chronic urticaria

asked by sherghad on 7 February 2017
I am 24 yrs old suffering from chronic urticaria taken a lot of medicines Alegra... Read More

Chronic pancreatitis

asked by Mantesh.s on 21 January 2017
Iam suffering from chronic pancreatitis &I have done Ercp for pancreas duct stone my age is... Read More
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