Sinus Congestion/Pain

asked by anandm on 10 August 2017
I am male, 56yrs from Malaysia. I have had sinus congestion problems for very long. My sinus... Read More

Asthma problem

asked by rinku001 on 23 October 2016
my father age is 64years.he is patient of asthma and having problem of shortness of breathe ... Read More

2yreas kid - Cough and Congetion

asked by Vedanshi on 22 September 2016
Hi Sir, My 2yrs daughter, used to get congestion and fever, then she was fine for 5-6 months... Read More


asked by sushilchauhan31 on 11 June 2016
pranam, i m 24 years old boy i m suffering from sinusitis in which too much mucus(phlegm) is... Read More

Lungs Congestion and Asthma

asked by lalit_3k on 14 March 2015
Namsakar my name is lalit and i am 37 year old, married, no surgeries, good appetite, good bowl... Read More

Nasal congestion and nasal dryness

asked by J1984 on 13 September 2014
Hi, Hope you are well. I am suffering from nasal congestion and nasal dryness. I finding it... Read More

Chest congestion

asked by idris on 7 October 2012
age 42 sex male duration of problem: more than 20 years old ayurvedic, alopathic, homeopathic... Read More

Mukta vati and nasal congestion

asked by sairam17 on 21 August 2012
I have been taking mukta vati tablets 1 in the morning and 1 at night for 3 months now. My Bp... Read More

Allergies Nasal congestion

asked by arti on 14 May 2012
i have so much congestion n sinus throat is also paining.i m using the nasal spray... Read More

Divya Sanjeevani

asked by nvellaiyan on 17 February 2010
Can I give Divya Sanjeevani for my child who 8 and 4 year old? If not what other ayurvedic... Read More

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