Dengue virus

asked by TTS on 16 October 2017
I am a 50 years old woman and I was recently diagnosed with dengue. How did I catch dengue when... Read More
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Dengue Fever

asked by ncrsardana on 21 August 2017
Sir My Daughter 11 years old. She is suffering from Dengue fever and confirmed by her blood. I... Read More

Dengue disease

asked by vishwajeet on 24 September 2016
how to increase platelets count in our blood, In present conut is 53000 please suggest... Read More
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To prevent Dengue

asked by Hitesh B on 21 September 2016
Dear Doctor, I come to know that patanjali provides ayurvedic medicines for preventing dengue.... Read More
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Dengue fever to my 3years old boy

asked by Simran.mdn on 16 September 2016
3yrs old boy suffering from dengue,fever is reaching 104 degrees,its been two days now.fave is... Read More

Dngue and low platelates

asked by rajesh_arch2008 on 5 October 2013
Dear Sir, My relative suffering from dengue and platelets count no 24000 ,admitted a hospital... Read More
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Dengue medicine

asked by sanjeev lalotra on 23 July 2013
sir i am having dengue since last 9 days now no fever but still the platelet count is going down... Read More

Dengue Fever Treatement

asked by Ankita Khandelwal on 26 November 2012
baba gi my friend is suffering from dengue fever from last four days. he is of only 16 years... Read More

Dengue and Liver

asked by asehgal on 9 November 2012
Dear Sir I had a recent attack of Dengue. My blood platelets have improved to normal though... Read More

Baba ramdev giloy dengue

asked by Destin on 12 May 2011
Hi, advice is required on baba ramdev giloy dengue ?, please reply back as soon as... Read More

Patanjali medicines for dengue

asked by Jolyane on 22 April 2011
Respected Sir, I seek advice on patanjali medicines for dengue ?, I would be thankful to... Read More

Baba ramdev treatment for dengue fever

asked by Harvey on 23 March 2011
I require information on baba ramdev treatment for dengue... Read More

Giloy benefits dengue

asked by Tory on 21 March 2011
Would like to have information on giloy benefits... Read More

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