Diabetes medicines

Diabetes and Ayurvedic medicines

asked by emjay1231 on 17 October 2012
I am male 51 Years of age recently dianosed with high sugar. Been doing pranayam for last 5... Read More

medicine For Diabetes

asked by almedia26 on 21 April 2012
Hi i am suffering from dibetes my age is 39 years My Fasting sugar is 230mg and non fasting is... Read More

Diabetes medicines

asked by Baiju on 8 March 2012
I am 27 years old and recently married. 2years back I became diabetic. I am taking katakhadiradi... Read More

Pasorsis medicine/Diabetes Medicines

asked by lofty on 12 January 2012
Please give imformation on pasorsis medicine and how long it should be taken and Diabetes... Read More

Ayurvdic medicine for diabetes

asked by gsv4019 on 2 January 2012
Sir, I was tested about two week ago and found that I am suffering from diabetes and my bf was... Read More

Medicine for thyroid and diabetes

asked by nayana g on 16 December 2011
respected sir i have tsh 8.5 ,could u tell me what medicine should i take and is it curable also... Read More

Diabetes ayurvedic medicines dabur himalaya baidyanath

asked by Tory on 29 March 2011
May I request information on diabetes ayurvedic medicines dabur himalaya... Read More

Diabetes medicine from patanjali yogpeeth

asked by Alden on 24 February 2011
May I request information on diabetes medicine from patanjali... Read More

Ramdev medicine for diabetes

asked by ramdev_fan on 13 February 2010
What are the Ramdev medicines for diabetes... Read More

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