Menopause, diet according to prakriti

asked by b5025 on 7 April 2016
My mother, age 49, is reaching menopause. Her menstrual cycle is very irregular now. Recently... Read More

Ayurvedic medicine of triglyceride

asked by shailendra sahay on 8 February 2014
my new blood report on blood suger(f)-104.20mg/dl,(pp)-200.77... Read More

How much Yoga affects in weight lose program

asked by rvchahal on 8 April 2013
Hi, I am 29 Years old Male with height of 6'3". I am one year married now. I am... Read More

About meal after yoga

asked by sapna23 on 4 March 2013
Age 24 Gender Female marital status single i want to know that we have to do yoga empty stomach... Read More
1 reply  -  Diet, Yoga

Babies diate age wise

asked by burotusu on 4 November 2012
Respected sir, My baby is 10 month old.His health is not so good.He has no interest to take... Read More

How cure diabetes? Is it possoble to cure?

asked by rathodnilesh on 25 September 2011
I suffering from diabetes, I want to know from you that diabetes can be cured ? I am 23 year old... Read More

Regarding food for kidney failer person

asked by kamalsingh on 13 September 2011
what u mean high calories and low protien food, pls explain which food is high claories and... Read More

Diabetic control

asked by sivaramakrishnan on 12 September 2011
I, M.Sivaramakrishnan, is suffering from diabetics for the last 19 years. There is no BP... Read More


asked by renu 15 on 3 November 2010
Hello doctor, please give diet for heart complaints. What are useful fruits and vegetables as... Read More

Ayurvedic treatments for Amyloidosis

asked by sati on 21 October 2010
Is there any supportive ayurvedic therapies for treating Amyloidosis? Please suggest few home... Read More

Home Food For Diabetes

asked by aptech on 25 August 2010
Sir, Which type of food i take for good health, kindly tell me the food name which is control my... Read More

Triglyceride reduction

asked by prashon on 18 August 2010
Namaskar, I have triglyceride count 650, pls advice how we can reduce it to normal level... Read More

Does kanchar guggul work for the biopsy below?

asked by parwin on 27 June 2010
There are 2 thyroid nodules that were biopsied in the US. the right nodule is 2.1 cm and the... Read More

Ayurvedic Diet

asked by sati on 15 April 2010
Is there any special diet recommended in Ayurvedic therapy. How Ayurvedic diet is different from... Read More

Ayurvedic Treatments

asked by sati on 14 April 2010
What is ayurvedic treatment? is it any good and effective for curing health problems? I heard... Read More

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