Bloked fallopion tubes

asked by NRT on 4 June 2017
My age is 39 yrs..i was earlier operated 2 times in the age of 14 and 22 for ovarian cyst.during... Read More

PCOS & bilateral fallopian tube block

asked by TTH on 5 October 2016
Hi, I am a 31 year old female who is detected with PCOS n bilateral fallopian tube blockage in... Read More

Fallopian tube blockeg

asked by vinaymeena on 5 August 2016
My age 25, my wife 23, monthly cycle 28 days my question is marriege before 4 year ago but my... Read More

Fallopian tube blocked

asked by amrutha on 30 March 2016
hello sir/madam,my age is 26,my right tube was blocked with a hydrosalphinx,doctor advised me... Read More

Blocked fallopian tubes

asked by avantika on 21 March 2016
hello sir, i am of 38years old.I got married on may 2012 and not conceived yet.Through HSG i... Read More

Primary infertility

asked by Neha sambyal on 9 March 2016
Im 33 yrs old married for 6yrs now and i have blocked fallopian tubes and I went through... Read More

Mild dilated fallopian tube

asked by paappa on 28 November 2015
i am sathya,33 years old,we tried a baby for 3 years, but no chance to having. i have an hsg... Read More

Ayurvedic infertility medicine

asked by shivi87 on 11 July 2015
I am 30 years old and trying to conceive since last three years. my gynecologist diagnose... Read More

To unblock fallopian tubes

asked by Nisha N on 18 March 2015
Hello dr, I have a question abt infertility. I am 32yrs old and completed my 6yrs of marriage.... Read More

II infertility, fallopian tube

asked by shaila on 11 March 2015
I am 38 year old. Having one child. Now diagnosed with Fallopian tube blockage. I dont want to... Read More

Ayurveda Medicine intake for blocked fallopian tube

asked by Mridu on 27 January 2015
Planning for a third child ,second child was conceived after hsg. Pls suggest a medicine intake... Read More

Regarding fallopian tube blockage

asked by raàvi on 6 January 2015
I am 24yrs old.female. married befre 2.7 yrs. I have iregular period, so I took treatment for 1... Read More

Blocked fallopian tube

asked by lalo on 14 December 2014
Hi, I am30 years old.I was an ectopic last year in otober 2013. My right tube was removed. Now I... Read More

Uterine mutiple fibroid with choco cyst and Right Fallopian tunbe is completely blocked and left is partially blocked

asked by shraddha on 3 January 2014
Gender: Female Age: 30 yrs Medication: allopathy and homeopathy sice 1 year Medical history:... Read More


asked by gagan420 on 11 November 2013
My wife has hydrsalpinx in left side and pain suggest me yogic pranyam and exersice which she... Read More

Remedy to remove blocked fallopian tube

asked by lotusme on 28 September 2013
my age is 28, female, iam married. we dont have child my periods is regular. my doctor told me... Read More

Herbaltreatment for Female Fellopial Tube disorders

asked by Prakasam on 24 July 2013
Sir Namaskar My daughter-n-law suffers with a problem that one of her Fallopian... Read More

Blocked fallopian tubes

asked by jackfrost on 4 July 2013
my wife is 31 yrs and she had tuberculosis of abdomen cause of which her both fallopian tubes... Read More

Fallopian Tube Blockage

asked by withpallav on 9 April 2013
Dear Sir, Due to ectopic pregnancy my wife had to undergo a operation on 25th Dec, 2009. Our... Read More

Fallopian tube blockage

asked by jagbirmalik85 on 25 October 2012
Dear Sir, my wife who is 21+ is not able to conceive because of poor blockage of fallopian... Read More
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