Treatment for pcod n heavy menstrual cycle

asked by Navyak on 16 March 2018
Hi, I am 29 years old I have been trying for pregnancy past 8 yrs and i have been diagnosed with... Read More

Can synthroid interact with 'stri rasayan vati'

asked by rasti13 on 27 October 2017
Can synthroid interact with 'stri rasayan vati'? 42 year female with prolonged and... Read More

Heavy depression from long time

asked by Anuradha12 on 5 July 2017
My husband is 54 years old.he is suffering from depression from 25 years.taking alopethic... Read More

Foul smell in armpit and heavy period

asked by silent on 8 May 2017
hello doctor, i am 28 yrs old .i have two problem .1-bad smell occur in my armpit even after... Read More

Heavy cough

asked by uhitesh on 10 February 2017
My son age 15 he is having cough from last ten days and he is not able to breathe properly and... Read More

Heavy habitual snoring,diabetes,obesity,new moles.

asked by PRS on 24 May 2016
1) I have seen my husband obese and snoring heavily since my marriage 9 yrs back.his weight... Read More

Use of Ashokarisht for heavy periods

asked by Vasu77 on 25 November 2014
Dear Doctor, I'm 37 yrs old female, having 25 days menstrual cycle, more or less regular.... Read More

Stomach problms

asked by rupesh_sjn on 21 August 2014
Sir, My age is 32i have a vey strong burning sensation in chest from last two years when i got... Read More

How to compensate side effects of medicine

asked by 2311swati on 22 July 2014
Pranam guruji,I m 45 years old.I was taking stri rasayan vati and mixture of vasant malti Ras... Read More

Asokarishtum for bulky uterus

asked by Matsya on 9 June 2013
I am a 47 year old married woman with two children. I got a slip disc operation done when I was... Read More

Excessive bleeding with clottngs for 20 days during period

asked by vishula on 3 June 2013
age 38 gender : female unmarried have irregular period but now i am suffering from heavy... Read More

Heavy breast

asked by preet28 on 11 November 2011
my breast is really heavy. i am 30 years old.some times i feel so much pain at my back. please... Read More

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