Height gain

asked by Mercy on 6 February 2018
Hi sir.. I'm Mercy(female).. I'm 24 yrs old (completed).. My height was... Read More
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Height growth

asked by Avik Saha on 5 October 2017
Hii, my age is 21 and i am a male...my height is 5ft 2 inch and i want to grow taller in any... Read More

For increasing height

asked by michael on 7 August 2017
I want to increase my height from 5 to 6 inch. I am 17 year old my height is 5ft 2inch. By which... Read More

Bone growth

asked by Pradeep kumar D H on 3 May 2017
Dear sir, Iam 24 years old, am male, having very small bones and my weight is 40kg from past 4... Read More
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Height Increase - Pre-teen

asked by Kavanahoove on 2 November 2016
Dear Doctor, My daughter is 12 years old and her height is 4.2ft. Weight is 24kg. Please guide... Read More

Height Increasing @ 26years of age

asked by shwev on 22 May 2016
Hello Doc, I vijaykumar aged 26years of age height163cms and weighs 49kgs ,Looking for increase... Read More


asked by kiran1384 on 15 April 2016
Dear Sir, My daughter is now 3 years old.She has very low weight-9.5 kg and height - 84 cm.Her... Read More

Prefer me any patanjali medicines to increase my height

asked by pls help on 4 August 2015
I am 18 year old girl and my height is 4.9 ft and my weight is 36kg. My every single class mate... Read More

Height growth with Ashwagandha, Baryta Carb

asked by jasina on 14 July 2015
Hi doctor, I'm an 18 year old girl. My height is 5 ft. I understand that a person's... Read More

Physical growth

asked by Mrs. Kamal on 11 June 2015
My daughter is 18 yrs, height 4.7 inches, weight 58.6kg. She had tonsillectomy at the age of 6.... Read More

Bow legs and height increase

asked by ted on 2 June 2015
I am 18 years old female. I have slight bow legs. Is the surgery only option to treat bow legs... Read More

Height disadvantage

asked by uddy on 11 April 2015
hello !! read all the past peples quest and m hope yu ll answer mine too!! hi m 19yrs old boy... Read More

Long looks height gain capsules

asked by gamecube on 27 February 2015
Hello I am male, 23, overall healthy and 5 feet 8 inches. I already bought the long looks height... Read More
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Height increase

asked by Lucifiana on 22 February 2015
What can I do to increase my height Hello Dr I'm 14 years old , female adolescent .... Read More
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Medicine for Heigth After 27 yrs

asked by Maria T on 1 December 2014
dear Doctor, I m 27 yrs old female, my current height would be 4.3 or so ,want to grow my... Read More

Height Increase

asked by rakesh2105 on 2 October 2014
Hello...i am really happy after knowing that ayurvedic treatment are above all the best way to... Read More

Height increment problem

asked by gaganact on 1 October 2014
I am a 17 year old female , want to increase height , my current height is 157 cms that is... Read More

Slow growth

asked by shrabdaru on 10 February 2014
hi doctor my age is 16.5 and my height is 5.0 feet i am male and suffering from problem when i... Read More

Do pull - ups help

asked by keshu on 19 October 2013
hello sir, i m keshav,20 years old....i wanna ask u that do pull - ups help to increase height... Read More
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