Emmunity growth

asked by Navinmyyog on 6 August 2020
Dear Sir, I am 38 years old, i want know that how to growth our body immunity and what medicine... Read More

Patanjali Divya Chyawanprash For Immunity and Strength

asked by YogaGuru on 8 July 2020
Nutritious Chyawanprash for Physical & Mental Strength. It also very effective Anti-aging... Read More

Hashimoto and sinus low immunity

asked by Pia527 on 23 July 2018
Im 37 female 2 kids ..last yr in oct had an abortion and right aftr tht hv seen low immuinity... Read More

Giloi Juice for 6 Years Old

asked by Panchali on 29 August 2017
Dear Doctor, My son is 6 years 3 months old. He has low immunity. Suffers a lot during rainy... Read More

Charak Manoll Capsules

asked by Punz on 21 July 2017
Dear Sir/madam , I want complete description about charak manoll capsules including its... Read More

1 year old baby lekin bilkul immunity nahi hai.

asked by Artika1988 on 17 April 2017
Namaste baba ji Meri 1 saal ki beti hai. Wo premature born hui thi. Uska birth weight 1.5 kg... Read More

Immunity booster

asked by aniruddh on 27 February 2017
Dear sir I give Amal alovera juice to my two children age 10 and 5 as they hav prolonged cough... Read More

How to improve immunity

asked by Ashutosh Gupte on 26 February 2017
38 yrs/ male/ married / regular repeating of cold, weakness, low feeling of energy, disturbed... Read More

Immunity and weight gain for 1.5 yr old boy

asked by Jeema on 16 February 2017
Dear Dr , kindly advice me about pathanjali product which will help my 1.5 yrs old son to gain... Read More

Increase Immunity Power And Prevent Stress,Anxity,Fatigue

asked by Sibnath on 31 December 2016
Sir,I am Sibnath Sarkar from West Bengal. I am 23 years old.I have some health problem that my... Read More

Adenoid, allergy, immunity issue

asked by romeochamp on 7 October 2016
Hello Doctor I'm from Mauritius. Problem: adenoid child age: 10 weight:... Read More

Low immunity level of my 5year old girl child

asked by Rakesh Dubey on 19 September 2016
My 5 year old daughter has very low immunity level. She catches cough and cold very easily.It... Read More

I need prescription for my daughter 14 months old

asked by Suja on 31 July 2016
Hello doctor, My daughter is falling sick since last 1 and half month. First she had stomach... Read More

Low immunity

asked by tarun2507 on 11 July 2016
hello Doc, i have very low immunity and get cold and viral very easily. want to increase the... Read More

Ayurvedic Treatment for chronic cold and immunity in kids

asked by Ani.m on 5 January 2016
My daughter is 5and1/2 months old. She is suffering from cold allergy since the age of 2.she... Read More

Regarding thrush on my kids tongue and so he is unable to take proper diet

asked by revu on 4 September 2014
Dear Sir, I have a 5 Year old son, who has got patches white in colour on his toungue since he... Read More

Brahm rasayana daily intake ?

asked by TheV22 on 27 August 2013
age - 31 male suffered from urticaria since last 3 yrs, aggravated by the use of steroids, weak... Read More

3 yr old with wheezing

asked by Kruthi on 31 March 2013
Hello, My 3 rd old daughter is suffering from wheezing, cough and cold over the last 5 months.... Read More

Low Immunity, Premenopausal symptoms, Acidity, Stress

asked by skavya on 13 December 2012
Thank you Doctor for your quick response on 9/12/2012. I have already started on the remedies... Read More

Throat inflammation and pain from 2 Months

asked by skavya on 8 December 2012
Sir, Iam a 46 year old woman.It began as a swelling on the lips some two months ago, for which... Read More
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