Kidneys failure in Young age

asked by joumaaborashid on 4 July 2015
Hello I've got a problem in the kidneys, and urinary retention and needed each week to go... Read More

Polycystic kidneys

asked by kris on 25 November 2014
my age is 27 yr male. i have polycystic kidneys diseases. frequently urine,premature... Read More

Creatinine and dialysis

asked by drsantoshyogic on 26 August 2014
I am 34 year my creatinine is 11 urea is 148 he is 6.4. Doctor is telling for diaylasis I have 3... Read More

Dialysis and Kidneys

asked by benu.arya on 26 August 2014
Hi there, my brother receving 3 times a week Dialysis but still not well could you provied him... Read More

Kidneys influenced by high creatinine due to diebeties

asked by satnam on 9 May 2013
dear sir om mt father is suffering from diebeties from last 10 yrs but from last two years he is... Read More

Need medication/Medicine to increase kidney size

asked by Winner75 on 29 August 2012
My friends age is 40 years and hid kidney size is reduced. As per reports Left GFR = 15.48... Read More

Regenerate kidneys cells ramdev

asked by Harvey on 17 June 2011
Sir, may I request information on regenerate kidneys cells ramdev ?, please reply back as soon... Read More

Yoga for kidneys

asked by yoga_seeker on 10 April 2010
If practiced regularly is it possible to cure Kindey problems like renal failure etc. with the... Read More

Kidneys are not functioning properly

asked by vijaysingh on 10 February 2010
Dear Sir/Madam, My fiancee's kidneys are not functioning properly. Her creatinine level... Read More

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