Increase memory

asked by Mish1810 on 7 July 2018
Sir I am 21 years old girl . I have ca final exams after 3 months for which i need to enhance my... Read More

Regarding cognitive skills,memory related problems,sleep

asked by Rohit maheshwari on 12 May 2018
Helo I am Rohit Maheshwari I am 20 years old. I have problem with focus... Read More

Help for short memory

asked by Mom on 18 June 2017
Hi, I have 9 year old daughter. She is 5 weeks premature. Her right kidney is absent, she had... Read More

Hypothyroid memory loss, stomach pain, hairloss, backpain, memory loss, irritation mood, anger, body heat, fatigue and tiredness

asked by Amrit303 on 14 May 2017
I had been taking thyronorm 100mg for last 7 years, shifted to thyronorm 50mg from last year, t3... Read More

Paralysis and memory loss

asked by S choudhury on 16 April 2017
Sir, my father 67 years of age got brain stroke in april 2016. He had heamorage in the left side... Read More

Suggestions for improve memory power

asked by Subharaj on 17 March 2017
My son15 year hold.he is very lazy weak and slow writer.he has Less stamina and weak in study... Read More

Ayurvedic Medicines for Focus and Memory

asked by Vik19 on 23 February 2017
Hi Doctor, I have been prescribed 1 medhavati, 1 table spoon saraswatharista and 1 geriforte... Read More

ADHD, Inattentiveness, Learning problems, productivity

asked by nee1234 on 22 February 2017
Dear Guruji Here are the details Age: 29 Gender: Male Family Medical history: Father had... Read More
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Divya Ashvagandha capsule

asked by 96shiv on 17 February 2017
I m 20 yrs,male,Suffering from bipoler disorder & weakness....since 1 years....And memory... Read More

Lack of enery power and strength ,laziness,weakness in memory

asked by Jija on 26 January 2017
Sir i am 20 year old boy.I am very lazy, very weak by strength and power I have less stamina and... Read More

Height and memory

asked by subramanyam on 4 November 2016
namaste guruji,my son 5 years old.he is not growing in height properly.please mention any... Read More

Memory forget

asked by mohit 730112 on 9 October 2016
Sir ...I am a student of 18 years and preparing for IIT entrance examination...I have to study 8... Read More
1 reply  -  Memory

Loss of memory

asked by jaspal on 21 April 2016
Hello doctor. ... I am jaspal Singh.... . I have memory problem. .. . I forget the things... Read More
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Memory and concentration

asked by girish patel on 12 March 2016
for my son age 14 yrs sir want to know which ayurvedic medicine is best for improving... Read More
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Suggestiin for tiredness and memory power.

asked by druvarajks on 8 February 2016
Hello sir, I am Druvaraj 24/M. I dont have any medical conditions except dry skin which is... Read More
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Memory problem in Teens

asked by akangirerg on 20 September 2015
1 reply  -  Memory

Memory support

asked by on 12 August 2015
sir my age 21 male i am using saraswataristha ang aswagandtharistha ,medha vati , amrit... Read More

Memory support

asked by nareshkumarspcj on 11 August 2015
Sir my age 21 male. I am using Medha vati , saraswataristha ,aswagandthristha , Amrit rasayaan... Read More

Memory loss

asked by saurabhg.bowen on 8 August 2015
Sir, I m having weak memory, it process too slow, I m a student, I cannot remember the things... Read More

Memory support

asked by on 28 July 2015
Sir I am suffering from memory retardation what can I do. Suggest some liquid form medicine I... Read More
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