Deviated Nasal Septum with Turbinate Hypertrophy

asked by Avikk on 16 May 2018
I have DNS (Left) with Turbinate Hypertrophy which causes Sneezing, Runny nose and mainly... Read More

Nasal Polyps

asked by srisunny on 5 May 2018
Dear Sir, Greetings. My wife aged about 38 years is suffering from nasal polyps since last 3... Read More

Nose block,respiration and heavyness in chest

asked by jash on 3 February 2018
Pradip Age 62 underogo sinaus and dns operation. undergo angioplasty due to one blockage. Sleep... Read More

Treatment for nasal polyps

asked by ssss9861531170 on 15 May 2017
Sir, 4 yrs back i started smell lose and after 2 yrs i started snoring and since last one year... Read More

Nasal Polyps

asked by arupghosh05 on 18 January 2017
Thanks for the previous reply. this is my husband speaking >>I am 35 years old, MALE,I... Read More

Nasal Polyps

asked by arupghosh05 on 14 January 2017
I am 33 yrs,Female, I have Nasal Polyps in both noses which Doctors indicate H.I.T for 2 +... Read More

Nasal Dry Polyps/ Sinus And Headache Related Problem

asked by Ankit Rajpopat on 4 January 2017
Hii, I Ankit Rajpopat, Suffering Since Last 4 Years Sinus Related Problem, I Actually Able to... Read More

Nasal seputm

asked by akarshit77 on 25 August 2016
I am 14 yrs old and my nasal septum of my nose is increase and its blocked the hole of nose so... Read More


asked by sushilchauhan31 on 11 June 2016
pranam, i m 24 years old boy i m suffering from sinusitis in which too much mucus(phlegm) is... Read More

Throat and nasal

asked by yati on 26 April 2016
Sir i have continious throat clearing and little amount of mucus sometimes nothing comes up.with... Read More

Nasal polyps

asked by Poornima on 8 October 2015
Hello Doctor, My father is suffering from nasal polyps for many years. He has been taking over... Read More

Suffering from severe allergy since last 2 years

asked by mbohra on 16 July 2015
Hello mam after my delivery when I came back to pune I started having severe nasal allergy... Read More

Nasal polyp

asked by pammi on 16 June 2015
DEAR MADAM.i am 47 years old.iam a patient of NASAL POLYP IN 2009 DONE SURGERY SEPTURBINECTOMY... Read More

Recurring Nasal Polyps

asked by Rohanhyd on 19 May 2015
I was operated thrice before. it's been almost 1 1/2 year since my last surgery. In recent... Read More

Childless couple, nasal polyp

asked by on 7 November 2014
Hi,we r trying 4 yrs for baby but we can t I have haramonal Inbalance problem and my husband... Read More

Nasal congestion and nasal dryness

asked by J1984 on 13 September 2014
Hi, Hope you are well. I am suffering from nasal congestion and nasal dryness. I finding it... Read More

Anu tail or taila

asked by ayurved_herbal on 1 February 2014
What are the uses and benefits of Anu tail? also mention ingredients, side effects, reviews... Read More

Could i get rid off nasal polyps permanently Sir.?

asked by Zaara on 28 September 2013
I m Zaara, 21 years old. Plz give me the solution for this weird disease. Plz tell if i cn get... Read More

Request for Medicine for Upper Respiratory Infection

asked by azas635 on 21 August 2013
Dear Sir , I'm 34yrs male, I have head ace, nose block, tideness, loss of... Read More

Nasal polyps

asked by nasal polyps on 6 August 2013
Age 25 ,nasal polyps for six years . Surgerries two times but id didn't work so i used... Read More
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